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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Who are you?

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I'm a text to my mama when I wake up and before bed.

I'm a Trenta Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with extra sweet cream.

I'm Spirit FM whenever I'm in the car.

I'm "give me all the frickin' cheese in this place, or someone might get hurt."

I'm an IPA tall boy if I'm eating chicken wings.

I'm twenty wings because ten wings

do it.

(though eleven probably would).

I'm a scorching hot shower with a cold blast at the end.

I'm a ribeye, bone-in, the biggest one you've got, medium rare, please.

I'm a glass of red wine - the 9 oz pour.

"I'm on the deep end, watch as I dive in" cause Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" is my karaoke song of choice.

I'm Lil Jon's "Get Low," meets anything Chris Stapleton meets Lauren Daigle on Pandora.

I'm anxious af — a basketcase full of fear masked as a confident extrovert.

I'm an oversharer,

the worst cook,

and a grudgeholder.

I'm a crier,

the worst flippin' liar,

and obsessed with my hair.

I'm a prayer before bed.

I'm "Breakfast? No thanks. I'll have a bloody mary instead."

I'm sushi, not just a roll or two, but a whole GIANT boat.

I'm gratitude, draped in complaints.

I'm optimism, stifled by worry.

I'm a lot -- that's just a fact.

But we're all "a lot,"

and I guess that's what makes us

not awful

but awesome.

The fact that

so much uniqueness,

so much personality,

so many quirks,

so many contradictions,

and so many life experience-acquired traits reside in


very cool,

very worthy,

very valued being.

Life ain't simple.

So why would people be?

We're not, and we don't need to freakin' apologize for that.

Who are you?

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