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Whether Motherhood is Visible or Invisible, Remember All Moms on Mother's Day

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Motherhood looks different for everyone. But despite the differences, all moms deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Because all moms matter.

For those of us with living children, Mother’s Day is every day. We might have biological children, adopted children, or step-children. Our motherhood, though different, is seen and acknowledged on a daily basis. We are needed and loved. And while every day does not consist of a celebration in our honor, we are aware of all that we have to celebrate.

For some of us, motherhood vacillates between heaven and earth. We raise babies here on earth while longing for the babies who are in heaven. Maybe our living children are biological or adopted. Maybe they are step-children or foster children. Maybe the ones who are in heaven were lost during pregnancy or after. We love them all, but some of them are just out of reach. Motherhood is full of both sorrow and celebration as our hearts are both full and empty at once. For the babies who are here, we hold them tightly. And for the babies who are gone, we hold on tightly to their memory. Mother’s Day is bittersweet as our motherhood remains fragmented.

And still for others, motherhood remains invisible. These are the mothers of children whose lives were too short. Whose lives are often forgotten or go unrecognized. The invisible mother is still a mother, although she might not look like one at first glance. While her experience might leave her (and everyone else) wondering whether or not there is anything to celebrate, I assure you that there is. There was a baby or a child who is gone, but whose memory will always live in her heart. Life in its various forms, long or short, then or now, should always be celebrated.

For each of us, motherhood looks quite different, yet we are alike simply by being moms.

Moms who love. Moms who sacrifice. Moms who have experienced both the joy and pain of motherhood, in one way or another.

On Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the motherhood of every mother, whether her children reside on earth or in heaven.

Whether her motherhood is visible or invisible. Whether whole or incomplete or empty.

Because all moms matter.

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