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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Where my other trainwrecks at???

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I've run 9 miles this week, and it's only Wednesday.

But I haven't cooked a single meal from scratch.

I've written a few articles that seem to be resonating.

But I haven't sold any more copies of my book.

My kids have been on time to school so far every day this year.

But I've been a giant annoying nag each morning ensuring such (and everyone's bad mood).

Monday through Thursday, I'm a pretty successful intermittent faster.

But on the weekends, I stuff my face with cheese fries, chicken wings, deep-fried buffalo cauliflower, and a few ice-cold IPAs.

Spirit FM is steadily playing on my radio.

But if you blast "Get Low" by Lil Jon, things quickly get coyote ugly.

I keep a pretty clean house.

But if you open any door, drawer, or cabinet, the crap I shoved inside of 'em is sure to fall out.

It sure appears that I keep my wits about me and mostly mind my manners.

But if you were to ask my husband or my kids, they definitely would disagree.

And as we speak,

my sink is full of dirty dishes,

my washer and dryer are both full, as is everyone's hamper,

the dirt I tracked into the house this morning is visible from where I sit,

and I am doing nothing about any of it.

So, yeah, you can totally gauge someone's worth or awesomeness on everything they've done and accomplished and how they present.

Alternatively, you can devalue them and their impressiveness based on all they haven't doneo, all that they do that isn't, well, undeniably respectable, or how easily they become “undone.”

None of us are perfect.

We're each our own unique version of a beautifully faulty train wreck,

and so I stand before you now,

a total contradiction of a human,

and I've just got to ask,

isn't it nice to know you're in good company?

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