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Challenge: Halloween Parade

Where are the Halloweens of our childhoods?

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Where are the Halloweens of our childhoods?


When we'd dress up in the most elaborate costumes and trek all over our neighborhoods to score the best candy bars that were up for the taking.

We'd line our costumes with lightweight jackets, wear mittens and winter hats under our masks to brave the first snow storm that decided to show up on Halloween night.

When lights weren't turned off to keep visitors away or because they didn't bother to buy candy at all that year.

Do you remember?

When Halloween was celebrated on October 31st, and not a day before. We went out trick-or-treating regardless if we had school the next day or not.

When there were Halloween parades in school gymnasiums where there were so many parents present that many had to stand but it didn't matter because they were just happy to see their kids strut their stuff in the costume they took so long to create.

We'd march to "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" with our classmates, and got to see the rest of the school do the same thing before we were released to start our journey for the most candy we'd own that year.

Do you remember?

When we'd know which houses gave out chips and which gave out toothbrushes (we'd skip that house). We'd ride in our parents cars from town to town to make sure we visited our aunts, grandmothers and best friends house so they'd all get to see us in our costumes.

When parents didn't have to worry about their older kids going off with their friends for the first time because they had eyes all over the neighborhood making sure their little goblins came home safe at the end of the night.

When we'd gather with our siblings at the end of the night and make trades for our favorite candies and offer up free pieces because we were all in such great spirits.

Do you remember?

I know I do. I know my kids will remember the magic of Halloween night as we go out together and I remember why it's my most favorite holiday, even to this day. We'll sort through their loot and eat so many pieces that night that our bellies will hurt the next morning.

But that's okay, because Halloween is but one night a year. It's for making memories, getting a little bit scared and dressing up as something you love. The Halloween of our childhoods are still there - we just have to remember and recreate them for our own kids.

This was originally published on These Boys of Mine by Britt LeBoeuf

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