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Challenge: Get organized!

When Your Family Doesn't Want to Declutter

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January rolled around and so many moms everywhere joined the declutter bandwagon. Marie Kondo's new show Tidying Up makes decluttering and organizing look so fun and easy. But what do you do when your family isn't JUMPING at the chance to declutter their stuff?!

You can force everyone to leave the house and declutter everything for them. But your family will probably be pretty mad at you if you get rid of their things.

Or you can get your family on board and make the process a joint family effort! Here are five simple steps to Declutter Your Home with Your Family!

1. Explain the Benefits

Less stuff equals less physical and mental clutter. Your family might not "get" this. Break it down for them so that they can understand how decluttering will benefit them. For kids, this can be easy as less stuff means it is easier and quicker to clean up messes!

2. Offer Support

Once you have gotten everyone's buy in, you might think you can walk away and everyone will get to work. Not going to happen! You will need to offer your support and services to get the decluttering ball rolling.

Set aside time to work with each family member. Make it a fun, bonding experience. Turn up the music, grab a snack and spend the time connecting with your family. You will probably have a lot of laughs and the experience will jog a lot of memories as you let go of things from the past.

3. Give Space

Offer your help, but also give space when needed. You might need to help your family get started, but each of them might want some time to work on their own. Letting go of physical things can be a very personal process.

Refrain from offering opinions (unless asked!). You want to be supportive and not be controlling in the process.

4. Accept Everyone's Contribution

Is everyone going to get rid of as much stuff or the right stuff as you would like? Probably not. But, you will need to accept what each person was able to do. Look back to the beginning of the process and accept what everyone was able to accomplish! You will be surprised at how much your family WAS able to get rid of!

5. Celebrate Your Family's Success

Everyone is motivated for different reasons. One of the best ways to acknowledge your family's hard work, is to celebrate your success! As a family, decide on a reward that you will redeem once your decluttering project is complete! Perhaps a trip for ice cream or a special family movie night.

You want to make the decluttering experience fun and rewarding or you will have a hard time getting buy in for a similar project in the future!

Get Your Family in a Decluttering Mindset

Decluttering is not a one and done process. It is an ongoing mindset to take in less "STUFF" and to freely let go of things that you do not want or need. Get your family on board with a decluttering mindset.

Less stuff in your home means less time focused on cleaning and organized, which allows more time to focus on what matters!

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