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When you let go of what is holding you back.

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A few months ago, an acquaintance I had snoozed on Facebook popped up on my feed. She posted a blog about manifestation and how this has changed her life. When I looked into her profile to see what she had been up to, I noticed that she completely embraced this practice and had become a manifestation coach. In addition, she had co-written a book and studied to become a Reiki master while working full-time with two kids and a husband. I felt like she had finally found her passion.

At that moment, I should have been happy for her, but the jealousy I felt instead hit me like a ton of bricks. It took my breath away. It consumed me, but then I said this word out loud: "STOP." I took a few deep, cleansing breaths and said, " You need to let go of this jealousy."

I had pretty much ghosted this woman. Why? Because she represented everything I wished I was and everything I wished I had. We were pregnant with our first children simultaneously, expecting boys, and we should have been the best of friends raising them together. But, instead, the jealousy I felt for her overshadowed all of that, and I stopped speaking to her.

She had family support, while I had none. Her marriage seemed perfect, while my relationship was struggling. She lost her baby weight, while it would take me seven years to lose mine. She was pretty, had great skin, was confident, and financially she was way better off than I was.

She commented on my posts throughout the years while I continued to ignore hers because they reminded me that her life was better than mine.

Until the day that post popped up on my feed, until the moment that I finally said stop. I decided to reach out to her. I didn't even think about it. I opened up Facebook messenger and wrote:

"Hey, beautiful. Unfortunately, I haven't been in touch because life has been messy the last few years. But, I just saw that you are doing something incredible, and I want to congratulate you and wish you continued success. You are an incredible soul with an amazing heart. You have found your passion, and I am beyond happy for you."

When I pressed send, I felt a release. Finally, I released all the jealousy that was holding me back. I removed the jealousy that I felt for my friend and everyone else in my life. And at that moment, I finally felt free.

That is when things started to change in my life. Opportunities began to present themselves that I thought would never be possible.

A spot became available at a campground that we had been waitlisted on for next summer. There is a considerable waitlist at this campground, and most people vacation there for 10-15 years before they decide to let go of their spot. So this was an incredible win for us.

My husband unexpectedly received a bonus at work for exceeding a sales challenge.

I got a notification from my credit card company that I was eligible for a limit increase on my card. We worked diligently to clean up our credit for a year, and this was a nice pat on the back for our hard work.

My daughter was offered a spot at a daycare that I didn't think would open up.

I came across a job opportunity to work for the most thoughtful and generous individuals; a team that feels like family.

I raised my hand when an influencer asked if there was someone out there who would be willing to write blogs for her. I usually would sit and stew and tell myself I wasn't good enough; they would never consider me; what's the point in putting myself out there? So I wrote a trial blog for her, she loved it, and I now ghostwrite for her regularly.

And the children's book I wrote and self-published became available for order on December 1st. That meant that family and friends were able to order it for Christmas.

I genuinely believe that all of these things happened because I let go of what was holding me back. I accepted that my life was mine and is imperfectly perfect. I accepted that I could not be like everyone else. And I finally accepted that I did NOT want to be like everyone else.
My blessings were abundant, and they would appear when the time was right.

I regularly engage with this person and make myself available to participate in her manifestation live videos. After one particular live post, I let her know what I had been feeling all these years and the reason why I stopped speaking to her. We had a long chat, and I was grateful that she accepted what I had been feeling all these years and forgave me for pulling away from her.

I now enjoy seeing her posts, and I share in her celebrations-like the time she announced she was expecting her third child. I cannot tell you how freeing this is.

So, if there is one piece of wisdom I could offer to anyone feeling stuck, I would say let go of jealousy and want. They are what is holding you back.

Accept that you are in the right place and the right time in your life.

Forgive yourself for feeling the way you do.

Reach out to the person or people you stopped speaking to because of jealousy and tell them you are proud of what they have accomplished.

I still, from time to time, feel pangs of jealousy. I mean, I am human. But the difference now is, I accept the feeling for what it is, remind myself that good things are also happening to me, and let the feeling go.

I hope that this message resonates with you and that you consider doing the same as you welcome a new year in a few short hours from now.

It is YOUR time to let all that is holding you back go.


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