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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

When what you love to do doesn't pay the bills, do it anyway

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When what you love to do doesn't pay the bills, do it anyway.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I've got 1.4+ million readers who peruse my writings on my author page for NBCUniversal's TODAY Parents Parenting Team.

I've got 8k+ followers on Facebook.

But I don't make a single dime from my writing.

I did, at one point, when I focused on such but found that sponsored writing and writing on topics suggested FOR me didn't produce compelling, thought-provoking, word works that were authentic TO me.

So, I stopped writing for money.

I stopped forcing myself to turn my hobby into a career.

I stopped telling myself that writing being therapeutic for me wasn't enough.

I rid my brain and being of the notion that anything worth doing must contribute to my family's wealth.

And it has been so freeing.

Now, listen, I know I'm in a privileged position to be able to do what I love without needing it to produce an output that helps provide for my family.

That's not to say that me contributing more financially wouldn't help our family, 'cause it sure as heck would, but not at the expense of my love for words and using them in a way that

helps keep me sane,

stay balanced as a mom,

keeps me growing as a person,

and hopefully helps other mothers and parents feel a little less alone in this crazy world.

I don't know what you love to do, outside of what you must do for you and yours, but whatever that is, find the time to do it.

You've got one life, and while it's necessary to do the things that keep your family afloat enough to enjoy it, it's also uber-imperative that YOU enjoy it.

Our passions are what fulfill us, and whether or not they keep our pockets filled, they keep our buckets filled, and I'm not sure you can ever put a price on the importance of that.

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