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When we return to some normalcy, there should always be room at your table

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You know that girl.

The one that just moved into your neighborhood. She’s new to the city, coming from a different state. She has no family to support her.

She wants to find close friends — ones that she can vent to without judgment and get advice from without prejudice.

You’ve seen that girl.

The one who struggles to fit in. She tries desperately, but the other moms have their cliques and she finds it almost impossible to penetrate their walls.

She’s struggling with more than can be seen on the outside. On the outside, she plasters a smile on her face and carries herself with grace. But on the inside — she’s drowning. Her husband travels for work, so she’s often left alone with her children. She can’t seem to get even a moment alone for herself. Her marriage is crumbling as she grapples with fertility issues.

You’ve heard of that girl.


The one who wants nothing more than to just be included. She doesn’t want to give up, but she finds it hard to find a solution. Is it something she did? Is it something she said?

She sees all the other women have their ride-or-die friends, but maybe hers took a wrong turn somewhere? She needs help but has no one to turn to.

She’s struggling hard. She tries to convince herself that everything will be okay, but how can it be?

Her anxiety is getting the best of her.

It’s winning.

It’s won.

We’ve all been that girl.

The one struggling to fit in. The one desperately trying to find her village, or at least one villager. The one who can’t shut out her anxiety, that is telling her that she isn’t good enough to have friends that would drop everything for her. The one that pretends everything is fine and it doesn’t bother her to be forgotten, but she just spent 15 minutes crying in the shower.

There’s a simple solution for all of this.

Always make room at your table for that girl.

Always remember that you never know what goes on behind her closed doors.

Always build her up.

Because that girl, and every girl, deserves nothing less.

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