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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

There's this rumor going around about you

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There's this rumor going around...

that you enjoy your work more than your kids.

that you don't work because you're lazy.

that you prioritize your husband and marriage over your offspring.

that you neglect your spouse and focus too much on your kids.

that you think you're "perfect."

that you're perfectly imperfect.

that you're full of yourself.


that you're timid.

that you're obsessed with the gym.

that you could sure benefit from some more exercise.

that your kids are angels.

that your kids are little devils.

that your homecooked meals are Pinterest-worthy.

that your homecooked meals are all pre-prepared and heated in the microwave.

that you've had work done.

that you don't take care of yourself.

that you're overdramatic.

that you're oddly subdued.

that you're endearing quirky.

that you're a straight-up oddball.

that you try too hard.

that you're not trying hard enough.

that you'll never amount to much.

that you're already so far along.

There's this rumor going around that you regularly both exceed and fail to meet the expectations of those around you.

But, I heard this rumor that you couldn't give a hoot, 'cause you live according to you and nobody else.

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