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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

When One Mom Loses It, The Rest of Us Probably are Too

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Do you just desperately need to drown out the noise right now?

Me too, friend.

I need to stop allowing social media to overwhelm my mama heart with all that I'm NOT accomplishing during this quarantine.

I need to tune out the daily virus updates which are mostly all bad, sometimes horrible, and usually not much different than the day before.

I need to pump the brakes on processing everyone else's opinions of what we are doing with our time,Oney, resources, kids, house, and so on.

I need to quit believing the lies that my messy house means I'm a bad mom or the fact that we spend more time in survival mode than even thinking about learning a new language or skill.

Amidst what should be more time, more intentionality, less stress, and more peace,

I need things silence.

I need rest.

I need two minutes where someone doesn't need me.

I need a day where I don't have to cook a meal.

I need n hour to complete a work task without interruption.

I need a date with my husband.

I need time to think

and room to breathe,

and one single minute where I'm not concerned about how we will pay the bills or where we will live or what we will do for work

or HOW I will even attempt to teach my kid one more lesson for one more second because his meltdowns are bad and

I am about THIS CLOSE to having one of my own.

I need a hug.

I need to see another adult's whole face.

I need my kids to stop fighting for two seconds.

I need to shop at the grocery.

Friends, this is a mama meltdown at it's finest and I am feeling every part of it In. My. Bones.

Join me for more mom truths.

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