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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

When Mayer called a woman's body "a wonderland," he wasn't wrong

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Remember when John Mayer called a woman's body "a wonderland"?

He wasn't wrong.

Though I'm sure most of us ladies would self-deprecatingly consider that post-kids temple of ours to be more of a house of horrors than a fun park, the fact is, Mayer was/is right.

This body of ours, it is a wonderland.

Because out of it came the most beautiful humans on the planet.

Listen, ladies --

All of the beautiful-hearted, rambunctious children that roam this Earth are here thanks to our




slightly overweight,

out of shape,

eternally exhausted,

self-sacrificing bodies,

and that makes them a wonderland.

When women willingly surrender their desired bodies, to create, carry, birth, nurse, and care for their offspring, there's nothing more undeniably and authentically beautiful.

Mayer wanted to "swim in a deep sea of blankets" with his woman, and this 'ole lady will be doing just that as I park my wonderland on the couch to Netflix it up next to the spouse.

My body is a wonderland.

It's true.

But the real wonderland is the one I live in with people I love, and my husband and I value that above all else.

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