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Challenge: Open Discussion

When can we stop social distancing?

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How is it that nothing has changed for some and lots has changed for so many?

I'm not saying that's wrong.

I'm not saying that anyone is more right.

I'm just saying that such a dichotomy, well, it can put and pin



even family and friends

against each other and on opposite sides of a never really in our lifetime,

scary as hell (though perhaps not to some?)

global health issue.

I think about how much has changed for my usually active family since the pandemic took over in mid-March, and we don't

go to the grocery store,

any retail stores,

we don't dine indoors,

we try to limit our public restroom use,

the kids don't attend their brick and mortar,

we stopped competitive dance and baseball,

with his offices closed through at least the end of the year, my husband works from home,

I canceled my gym membership,

and we only see close family and a handful of similarly-distancing friends for playdates.

We miss

Busch Gardens,



in-person schooling,

vacations that require flying,

neighborhood block parties,

bar hopping on date night,

eating, drinking, and lingering at indoor food halls and restaurants,

and large family gatherings and celebrations.

And then I peruse my social media and all over my feed are images of others who are

very happily

(and perhaps -- at least for some -- nervously?)

not operating in such a contained bubble,

celebrating birthdays with a well-attended bang,

venturing out of their home for both non-essentials and necessities,

getting their daily sweat on with group fitness classes,

and eating inside places.

Their kids are attending their brick and mortar,

partaking in group sports,

and aren't lacking socialization

But here I am,

with my husband and three semi-deprived, but adapting kids,

almost six months in,

and I find myself asking,

anyone and everyone,

"When is it that we can stop social distancing?"

"When is it that we can get back to our normal?"

And do you know what?

Not a single person has got the answer;

not the correct answer for me, anyway.

Not even Dr. Fauci.

Because the truth is,

the only one who can answer that question,


it's me.

'Cause if there is one thing I know for sure regarding this coronavirus pandemic,
it's that how each one of us feels about it and how it has or is continuing to affect us,
is drastically different.

Have I enjoyed how the virus has turned my life upside down?

Hell no.

Do I have any reason to judge you because it hasn't done the same for you?

Also hell no.

You have no idea why people make the decisions they do, and it's not your right to know.

One thing you can



and operate from is the notion that every person has the right to their opinions and choices,

and just because theirs doesn’t align with yours,

doesn't mean yours is any



or more correct.

As the coronavirus continues to linger,

even as it decreases,

praying to God it doesn't increase

I hope that each of us can remember that we're not that different —

there's people who want to live, and that's why they are distancing,

and there's people who want to live, and that's why they are not.

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