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What's in your hands? Everything and nothing, simultaneously

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What's in my hands:

their hands,
their heart,
their sense of self-worth,
their foundation of faith,
and their conditioned belief that there's lots of good in this world, and that they are innately a flippin' fantastic example of such.

What's not in my hands:

what they do with their one life,
what brings them joy,
who they love,
how they love,
what drives them, what decisions they make,
where their choices take them,
and what they will do when they eventually get to where their life has got them going.

Whether your kids are little or grown,
if you want to "get it right,"
all you have to do with your children
is build them up and watch them stand.

When it's easy for you and when it's hard.

Watch them

stand up to you.

Stand up to others.

Stand up for the things they believe.

Stand morally sound.

Stand up for those who can't.

Stand in the way of bullies.

Stand with others.

Remain standing even when they are standing alone.

When it's easy for them and when it's hard.

You just have to BE THERE.


Now and later.

When they want you and when they don't.

When you're proud of them and if ever they (and they will eventually) disappoint you.

What's in your hands, you ask?

Everything and nothing, simultaneously.

And that's what makes being a parent so hard.

So you do what you can, while you can, as best you can, and you do it with every freakin' fiber of your loving being with the sole goal of raising -- from now until forever -- a human who knows they are loved.

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