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What to Look When Buying Kids Ski Accessories

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Kids have the ability to learn skiing rather quickly, even at a young age. In order to set your child up for success, however, you need to ensure his comfort on the slopes and off. Purchasing not only the right equipment, but the right children’s ski accessories is crucial to his comfort and protection. Understanding how to protect his body, head, and eyes will help to make your child a great skier in no time! Make sure that you understand not only the proper ski equipment he needs, but also how to make sure it fits right to ensure proper protection.

Ski Jackets
Believe it or not, you cannot purchase just any old winter jacket and assume your child’s comfort while skiing. The jacket you choose should not only provide warmth, but also plenty of room for maneuverability. When your child first starts out, you can focus on providing an insulated jacket with plenty of warmth, because he will need to learn how to manage the slopes. Because he will move slower and not make a lot of daring moves, an insulated or 3-in-1 jacket will work for the time being as he will need the warmth. As he progresses in his skill, however, he will want a jacket with less bulk to ensure swift movements on the slope. At that point, you should look into providing proper layers underneath the coat, including under layers that wick away sweat and fleece layers to provide warmth. Eventually, your child will only want a shell coat for the outer layer that protects against wind and moisture, which is why understanding the proper under layers is crucial to his comfort and safety on the slopes.


Ski Helmets
Your child’s head requires proper protection while skiing. The only way to provide this is with a proper fitting helmet. While you have the option to rent ski helmets at the ski facility, generally purchasing a helmet custom fit for your child’s head is the best option because you can ensure that it fits the right way. If a child is uncomfortable with an ill-fitting helmet, he may not want to wear it, making your ski experience less than pleasant overall. When you shop for snow helmets, make sure you consider the fit now, especially if you purchase a helmet that will grow with your child; a secure fit is crucial to his protection as one knock to the head with another skier or a tree can have devastating results. Talk to a professional that understands the way kids’ ski helmets should fit to ensure that your child’s head gets proper protection.

Believe it or not, the winter sun does more damage to your child’s eyes than the summer sun. The reflection of the UV rays off of the snow puts your child’s eyes in closer proximity to the UV rays than in the summer when the glare comes from a larger distance away. Protect your child’s eyes with a proper fitting pair of kids’ ski goggles. Choosing goggles rather than sunglasses also helps to protect your child’s face in the event he were to fall on the slopes as glasses have a higher chance of breaking and causing damage to your child’s face. Make sure the goggles fit snuggly not only on a bare head, but also when he wears his helmet to ensure his safety and comfort.


Ski Accessories for Biking
If you live in an area where skiing is not an option, but your child still loves to head outdoors and play in the winter weather, consider letting him wear ski accessories for biking. Some of the must have bike gear for kids during the winter includes helmets, whether snow helmets or strictly bike helmets; goggles to protect his eyes from the sun as well as from getting hurt if he falls; and warm ski clothing. To ensure his protection, make sure he has proper gear on to prevent injuries if he were to fall since the pavement can be slick during the winter months.

If you want to set your child up for success with skiing or biking in the winter months, you must purchase the right children’s ski accessories that keep him comfortable and safe. Don’t worry about looks, although there are many great choices available for sale that will make your child look great on the slopes, your focus should be on his utmost safety. The more safety you provide your child with kids’ ski helmets and other ski gear, the greater his confidence will be, allowing him to become a great skier while you join him on the slopes or sit on the side and watch him grow as an avid skier and winter sports fanatic.

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