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What to Do if My Son Wants to Become an Instagram Blogger?

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My 12-year old son dreams of becoming an Instagram logger. Photography seems to be a great hobby for my son. He is passionate about editing photos and has even asked me to buy him this paid app . For some time, my son has shown interest in admiring the beauty of the world. Now he wants an app that will turn his phone into a perfect hub for him to crop the amazing photos he captures. But, there are many apps online that I’m torn for choices. Nevertheless, I will find a way to navigate this once I figure out what to do now that my son wants to become an Instagram blogger. Most parents instinctively want to keep their children protected from the spotlight. But, some parents are happy when their children show an interest in social media.


Why Allow Children to Have Instagram in their Life

Some parents are skeptical about the idea of allowing their children to have Instagram in their life. Personal security is a major issue for a parent of a teen that wants to become an Instagram blogger. Protecting a teenager on social media comes with many challenges because you can’t have control over what other users post. I don’t want to limit my son but I want to protect him. And that’s my challenge.

Instagram statistics show that the platform had 1 billion monthly users by June 2018. Influencer marketing is big business on Instagram. Its value ranges from $5billion to $10 billion. And, there is a growing demographic of kids Instagram bloggers or influencer. These appeal to young modern parents. The majority of these are millennials that frequent Instagram and kids that have been brought in the era of social media.

Some Instagram bloggers are as barely 5 years old and are reportedly earning at least $100 from sponsored posts. And, if these young bloggers could get millions of followers, they may start earning millions before they hit their legal age.

Such statics of the Influencer economy shows why I don’t have a problem with my child becoming an Instagram blogger. But, it’s my responsibility to keep my child grounded. I also have a responsibility to help my child achieve his goals without succumbing to risks of excessive social media use.

Pros and Cons of Excessive Usage of Social Media by Kids

Apart from his security, I’m concerned that my son might end up using social media excessively. Excessive usage of social media by kids has its pros and cons depending on how it affects them. Here are some of the pros and cons of excessive usage of social media by children.


  • Using social media allows kids to establish a social connection, socialize, and share experiences.

  • Social media use by kids enhances globalization. It exposes kids to different ideas and cultures at a young age.

  • Using social media provides education and entertainment for kids because they can view pictures, watch videos and ready blogs that open up their perspective of the world.

  • Using social media enables kids to express themselves creatively. They get a platform for sharing their work and this promotes confidence and self-esteem.

  • Using social media has mental health benefits because it keeps kids happy, especially when they get positive comments and likes.


  • Excessive use of social media by kids exposes them to the risk of cyber-bullying.

  • Social media can be the platform that predators use to abuse and groom children.

  • Excessive use of social media by kids can lead to an addiction that can affect their studies.

  • Kids can put themselves at risk by disclosing personal information to the wrong people.

Final Thought

I honestly don’t know whether it’s absolutely a good idea to help my son to become an Instagram blogger. Kindly share your opinion on whether I should forbid my son to use Instagram as much as he does now or just let him express himself on this platform.

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