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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

What our Family Staycation taught me

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The triplets are 4 years old and in that time span, we have never really been on a vacation. I am that kind of mom. I am hoping to branch out more, but traveling with kids has been something that kind of terrifies me.


However, last weekend, we went on our second staycation with the kids since they were born and the experience was truly so magical that I think, I actually need to be more intentional about traveling with my kids and making these family moments.

We decided to do our family staycation at Pechanga Resort and Casino. The triplets have never been so excited. They told all their friends at preschool that they were going on a "vacation to celebrate Daddy's birthday."


The weather couldn't have been more perfect for us. We kicked our stay off with family golf lessons. No one in our family has taken golf lessons before, but I knew Ry, especially would soak in these moments because he really enjoys golfing. And turns out, he is a natural. Our Golf Instructor, Scott, who I called Matthew for the first twenty minutes (omg--I am an idiot haha). The kids loved playing golf and chasing all the golf balls. My hear felt so fulfilled on the golf course watching my husband and kids laugh and play. It was those moments that really made this trip so special for me.



After golfing we headed to the pool, which I knew the kids would LOVE. They had a splash pad that was of course, a HUGE hit. We spent so much time at the pool. They had water slide that the kids, unfortunately, weren't quite tall enough for. But that gives us a good reason to go back!!!


I feel like even though vacations with your kids is more work and more money and more everything--it is also more memories. And that it what made this experience so special for us. I feel like all the special touches and moments from our experience is what made heart want to dip into more travel time with our crew. I think they may look back on these moments as some of their best childhood memories. I know even for myself, my fondest childhood memories were when we went to Hawaii.



Charlize and I had nail appointments. I was excited for us to have Mommy and Me time together. However, she wasn't feeling it. Kids... haha I asked Sawyer if he wanted to join me and he of course was all about it. I told him he could choose my nail polish for me. The salon was beautiful and had such a relaxing ambiance. Sawyer was so happy to be with me and I could feel home much time alone together meant to him. We went back to pick our nail color and Sawyer chose red for us both )he also accidentally a bottle of red nail polish that broke to teeny tiny pieces, but everyone was so loving and gracious about the accident). I think Sawyer felt pampered during our experience and he deserved too.


The triplets also experienced their first buffet, which they LOVED!! The boys tried lobster for the first time and really enjoyed it. They were obsessed with the fact that you could eat as much food as possible.


There were some pretty incredible highlights from our Pechanga trip, but one that may be at the TOP of the triplets list is the escalator. It must be a 4 year old thing, but we literally went up and down the escalator for a healthy 20 minutes each day. Memories made.


What I learned from this "vacation," as my kids would call it, is that traveling with your kids is about having experiences together and making memories that will forever be glued to your heart. That is exactly what this trip was for us and I am beyond grateful that we took the time to make these experiences despite how nervous I was to bring the kids along. It even shifted my heart to really be more intentional about traveling with the kids and creating magical memories for us all.

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