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Challenge: Infertility

What If?

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What if we stopped?

What if we stopped hurting grieving people?

What if we stopped telling them…

- to get over it

- that they need to move on

- that they talk and think abut their loved one too much

- that connecting with other people who have experienced similar loss is unhealthy

- that they should be grateful for the time they did have with their loved one

- that they should realize it could have been worse

What if we realized how harmful our society’s approach to death, dying, and grief can be for so many?

What if we just allowed the grievers to grieve…

- without judgment

- without pressure

- without conditions

- without comparison

- without timelines

- without minimizing

What if we could just sit in the discomfort with them and not leave when it hurts us too deeply?

What if we walked beside them on their grief journey and accepted them, their decisions, and their need to find continued connection to the memory of their loved one?

What if we understood that sometimes their grief is all they have left of their loved one?

What if we just stopped hurting them more than they already are hurting?

What if we stopped?


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