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What if your best moment ever is RIGHT NOW?

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When was it for you?

The day you got married?

The day your child was born?

The day you got that huge promotion you had been itching for?

How about the day you left in transit for your dream vacation?

Was it one of those? Yes? No?


How about the moment you are in right now?

How about making THIS your best moment ever, and then beating this moment with a better moment tomorrow, and the next day, and so on?


As a mom to three young children, ages six and under, my days are mainly comprised with some of my “not-so-best” moments.

Or at least that’s what I used to think, and maybe you presently think that way, too.

Sleeping through my alarm this morning and then rushing my children like crazy, and yelling in frustration that they aren’t getting ready fast enough — not one of my best moments.

Losing my shiitake because my middle child broke a glass gift when he was trying hard to independently get himself something he desired — not one of my best moments.

Being distracted by “work” on my phone each and every time I am supposed to be playing with my children — not proud of this in the least.

Leaving my van door open at least twice a week, burning dinner at least once a week, undercooking food at least once a week, never finishing a laundry wash and dry cycle in one day, forgetting to pack my daughter’s lunch, forgetting my son’s show and tell, looking like a disheveled mess, and martyring myself by claiming that I “don’t have time” for self-care or using run-on sentences…these are not my best moments, right?



These moments; these raw, unedited, unscripted, spontaneous moments are the greatest, and they will and should surely make your family’s highlight reel.

It’s been said over and over again — by me and by numerous others — perfection is boring. Perfection is fake. Perfection is unattainable.

Well, thank goodness for that.

If you were, as a mom or simply as a person, getting every single thing right in each passing moment, things would suck.

You would suck. You’d be a bore. It would suck for your children, too. They would grow up thinking they could never be as perfect as you. Either that, or they would actually be more perfect than you, and man oh man, would that piss you off.

But luckily, you are not getting everything right and neither am I. And, God willing, we never will.

Time, age, maturity, and experience have all taught me that the “greatest me” is the current me. Not because I am awesome in so many ways, but because I want to be better, I am trying to be better, and I still give respect to everyone who is more or less awesome than myself, while holding the belief that I am no better than anyone else.

When I accept that the greatest me is not 10 lbs. lighter, with longer hair, more empathy, and perfect children, but rather that it is just me, in the now, just as I am, then I am way more capable of appreciating the important moments of my life and the even more important people in it.


Each moment on this Earth is our best moment. So cliché and head-in-the-clouds type thinking, but it’s a hard truth pill that needs to be swallowed.

Life is so fleeting. We all know this. But, the everyday frustrations and challenges of work, parenting, financial worries, and relationship issues all overshadow and push to the back burner our understanding and appreciation for the brevity of life. Accordingly, often times we fail to make each and every present moment our best moment ever.

Because I know how hard it is to always make positives out of negatives, or simply out of the monotonous, all I am encouraging you and myself to do is accept that our natural way of being, and our children’s natural ways of being — including our genuine interactions with them and others throughout our days — all make up our best moments ever.

Ask me tomorrow what is my best moment ever and I will happily and confidently answer, “right now."

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