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Challenge: Ultimate Baby Registry

Bringing Home Baby: You ONLY Need One Thing. And THIS Is It...

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​You’re going to hear from everyone and their mother that you need the complete inventory at Baby’s R Us in order to be able to properly prepare for your bundle of joy. You will need to pre wash everything. As you organize and fold the anticipated arrival’s pima cotton onesies placing them into neat little piles in the lined (unscented) drawers of your hand-crafted changing bureau you’ll need to rub each onesie upon your bosom to embellish it with your scent as you lay it down in the drawer reciting a prayer for your baby’s health and whirled peas. And as a pregnant woman, you're going to believe them. 

And as you walk around that baby supply store armed with a clipboard and pregnancy fueled-imagination you'll check off all of the things "they" tell you you MUST HAVE for your new baby: Onesies, pajamas, sleeping bags, sweaters, diapers, diaper genies, cribs, bumpers, blankets, socks, hats, mittens, organic mattress pads, mobiles (preferably black and white), a baby moniter, and a million other items that will make complete sense to you in your hormonal and excited state.

But as the mother of a child who I had to leave behind in the NICU, I can tell you with great authority that there is only ONE thing you need that first night home from the hospital.

Your baby.​

When you come home from the hospital and have to walk through the door of your home without your baby, it becomes abundantly clear what is important. Sure things might be nice. These things might be useful. You might really enjoy having tools, gadgets and accessories around and showing them off to all of your other mommy friends, but things are not essential. People are essential. Just ask a baby...and your Mother-in-Law. 

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