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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

What I wish I had known bringing home baby for the first time!!

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Well being a mom of three, every time I brought my new baby home, I wish there was that one thing I knew...

Bringing home my oldest, it was very interesting, I mean I did have my mom for him and my Ex Husband, but I wish I knew when I came home, how much love I would have for that baby, he was my pride and joy, I would not let him even roll over without freaking reminds me of the commercial for the mom with the new baby and how she boils bottles and makes everyone use hand sanitizer, and by the second one she is completely different, and hands the baby to the mechanic..I was that mom​. Now he is in school, yea when he started Kindergarten it killed me, I was so not ready to loose my baby boy all day, he is my little buddy, what was I going to do with my time?? Well cleaning, showering, and all the other stuff we can not do with kids chasing  us around was very time consuming.

By the time I had my second kid, I wish I would have known how different it was going to be, how everything thing I did the first time around, was going to be totally different this time around, my second little boy who is two now, and there are still a million things I wish I knew to do for a toddler, potty training was an experience in itself.

The third one, my baby girl, who is three months, completely different territory, this is like  a whole new world. Having a girl last is amazing, I know her brothers will take care of her, but I am scared out of my mind of those teenage years, if she is anything like her mommy...oh am still in training, and being a single mom is hard, but I am loving every minuet of the learning process. My kids have made me who I am today, it is funny, I find myself doing the things I said I would never do, like put my baby in the pool for the first time at one month old, it is an amazing wonderful journey, and the unconditional love you have for them is sometimes overwhelming, it is amazing to love someone this much...I really wish someone would have for warned me of that one, because it hit me like a rock, and I still can not understand it...always remember take things day by day, dont be closed to opinions of other moms, and take advantage of the little things, lots of pictures, and all the free advice given to you, you really have to be open minded, I absolutely love being a mom, and learning new things everyday.

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