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Challenge: Open Discussion

What can you build in 10 seconds?

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"Alright guys, one more minute of LEGOS." - Me

"Okay!" - Kids

"About time for school, ten more seconds of LEGOS." - Me

"Okay! What are you going to build?" - Kids

Hmmm... what am I going to build? In ten seconds?

Taking it as a challenge, I grabbed a couple more LEGOS and made a tiny tower while counting to ten in my head. Meanwhile, Norah made a bigger airplane and Jack added tail lights and a flag to his Mars Rover.

In ten seconds.


So often we run around like chickens with our heads cut off because "There's not enough time!!!" And yes, as parents we are very busy. There's a lot going on at the house, outside of the house, at the office, with our friends, with our families.

But how are we using the time that we have right in front of us? Are we throwing away the ten seconds that we have because it's only ten seconds? Imagine what you could do it you took all of those little breaks of time and did something with them.

You could text a friend to check in. You could do 7 squats. You could hang up your coat instead of leaving it on the couch. You could make tiny incremental changes that add up without adding any more hours to the day.

I'm glad my kids challenged me to use my ten seconds. I could have sat there, or I could have built a tower. It's not the most beautiful tower in the world, but what if I work on it some more tomorrow? What if I gave it another ten seconds?

How you use your ten seconds could be inconsequential, or when you add up those ten seconds of action they could change your life. Up to you.

So, you have ten seconds. What are you going to build?

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