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What Baking can teach us about Parenting and Life?

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Have you ever tried baking? If not, try it once and if yes, you may not have noticed but baking gives you some hidden lessons of parenting and life. Yes, you’ll be amazed to know that not only your schools, books and teachers can teach you lessons of life but when you start baking there are numerous things you can absorb. And if we talk about parenting, it is definitely the one thing that comes with experience.

So, we are here to talk about some of those lessons and who knows you might develop an interest in baking as well.

1. Requires a keen eye and stable hands

While cooking, we just need to keep a watch on the food as taste is everything that matters but baking demands precision. And baking bread needs it the most because there you have to treat every component gently yet with a confident hand. Baking and our real lives want us to be faithful towards our goals. One needs to pay heed towards the requirements of their family, and for that, you should have a well-placed confidence in you.

2. Teaches you about the importance of being earnest

If you don’t know, let us first clear this that you cannot take any shortcuts while making bread. You cannot make adjustments in the ingredients or add some extra later on, thinking it’ll provide you with same results. So, in real life “shortcuts” are a no way to any situation. Though they make life easier but being conscious and prudent leads you to better results instead of making decisions without forethought.

3. Teaches you about relationships

Yeast is one of the main and important things you need to prepare with extra alertness because this is the soul of your bread. While kneading, you need to distribute the yeast equally into the dough, and yeast mixed with flour and water starts fermenting, the complete process is really important to give flavour and character to the bread.

Yeast not only helps the bread to rise but also makes the bread dough strong because when you mix flour and water together, gluten is produced and that’s how you give shape to your bread. If it is too weak, your bread will lack volume and if too strong, your bread becomes dense.

Similarly, in our real-life relationships, a person needs to go through a process of being before you indulge yourself in process of becoming. You need to pass on some key ingredients of life to your children so that they come out as a decent human being. Those ingredients are honesty, kindness and compassion, faith and lots of love, in a hope that the way you are kneading would definitely bring out a masterpiece with a good character.

Baking Teaches You About Relations Baking Teaches You About Relations

4. Reminds you that good things come to people who wait

While baking you always have to remember one-word ‘patience’. Baking includes measuring the ingredients, mixing, folding, fermenting, proofing, portioning, baking and let it cool down for the results, and now you can easily understand why baking requires a lot of time. With every stage, you need to wait for either for a short or a long period of time say one hour.

When you have baked bread sitting on the cooling racks, there will be a sense of achievement. One that you had that determination to do something you were unfamiliar with. Next, you were so calm and composed to wait for the right time to get the things in the way you want.

Like this, in real life, you should have these two qualities if you want to succeed in life and should apply it everywhere, be it your career, relationships or family.

5. Shows you the meaning of balance

Mixing is one thing we understand is the most challenging task when it comes to bread making. The aim is to knead all the ingredients evenly to get a cohesive and smooth dough. It is quite simple, you just learn to be confident and should not be heavy-handed with the strokes. Control your anger since your yeast will also fight back.

When you start rounding and shaping the dough, balancing is what really matters. While teaching discipline to your children, you should be strong with your decisions and it should be accomplished with love in mind. For example, in your life, you know what you want but at the same time, you should be flexible enough to face the situations when life throws it to you in a different manner.

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