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Challenge: Open Discussion

What are the essential practices of teachers in a system where students are learning outside of college?

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Schooling and education have become more integrally natural and student-oriented when shifting from the boundaries of the classroom and out the feet into the real world. After the collaborative learning environment that impacts to develop the creative and sole relationships outside the classroom to put them to the deep learning environment, it happens when students take into the real world of practice. Students that are learned in the college and whatever they theorized into the classroom is totally different from the field experience. Field experience is very important for the students because it helps to become more determinative and motivated to pursue this field as a career.

We can say that the Learning experiences outside the classroom are much integrally multidisciplinary. So here is a various way through which you can give the learning experience to students beyond the classroom. As well as we discuss what are the benefits of it.

Field Trips:

From the word “field trip” may you people think a long bus trip, any museum trip, and sack lunches but it is not all about that. Field trip comes in various forms that are extremely helpful to improve field learning. Such trip students not only engaged but also get experience. In a field trip the student relation is become strong, improve the learning experience as well as learning community is developed by students for future field trips. Also, study the relevant field help the teacher to understand the students deeply that what their interest and how they see the practical world uniquely than the teachers. The better understanding of student leads to an effective communication of the courses.

Tips and Techniques:

Below there are some tips that are given by VU faculty when they arrange field trips for the students.

  • arrange a field trip for a research work on which students need to collect data
  • Execute the brief class before going into the field trip that contains the theoretical information about this field trip.
  • Students should know or design the sketch of the field trip before going on a field trip.
  • At least few days before starting a field trip design basic theories. This way students get huge information about the field which can help the student to know what they should expect from the field trip.
  • In this field trip try to concentration on things that give extra learning experience.
  • Arrange all the necessary things that can be useful in the field trip.
  • A large number of students can be managed by divided into the small number of groups.
  • most importantly Transportation
  • Creating a sampling roadmap that helps students where to start and stop
  • forecast Weather
  • Coordination with external personnel
  • arrangement of groups
  • first aid box
  • Student allergies and fears.
  • physical exertion
  • supplies
  • anticipated rest stops
  • clothing staff that is appropriate for the trip
  • Issues to Consider/Prepare For:

The best practices of teachers while arranging the field trip.

Make learning relevant

When we talk about learning outside the classroom teachers have various opportunities to try learning concept or experience more real and applicable by placing them into an accurate context. Many times when teachers unable to explain any difficult concept in the classroom can easily understand when they place in the big world of context. Here students more engaged and learn more effectively.

Nurture creativity and imagination

Taking students outside the classroom is actually mean open the wings of our the open fresh air, students explore their mind and come always something creative idea. Also, creativity comes when students experience that learning concept not imaginary but in actual reality.

Develop learning through experimentation

The college students are a youngster and they were not to suppose all thing right until you give him the accurate and some experimental proof of learning concept. Also, remember experiment is an excellent way to learn the difficult and boring concept. Reduce behavior problems

Learning outside the classroom mean execution and management of behavioral issues. This way teachers also learn the moral and ethical values to students. Learning outside can enhance the behavior problems among different students. Another advantage students get inspiration from surrounding and get engage and implement its personality.

Expose new opportunities

Another benefits student gets Online Assignment Writing Service when they learn beyond the wall of the classroom they do not wander of the process by doing just imagination but they actually feel that concept. Which result invention of new opportunities and creative thinking. Learning experience outside the classroom will never forgettable.

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