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What are Moisture Balance Analyzer and How do They Work?

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A moisture analyser is an essential lab equipment used for measuring moisture content. There are several applications where it is used to measure moisture content in various substances. Moisture analyzers are used in several types of industries as well like in the food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, building and construction and to prepare chemicals.

In certain cases, a little bit of moisture will not cause any serious issue but when it is comes to laboratories, even a little bit of moisture can render important experiments to become faulty. Sometimes, a scientific procedure can be easily compromised because of moisture.

Why is a moisture analyser important?


A lot of chemicals will get compromised if they are exposed to a lot of moisture. There are several products, organic, inorganic which may have reduction in strength or integrity if there is a lot of moisture present in them. Moisture analysers are useful in this regard as they can help in measuring and monitoring moisture content in laboratories. Moisture analysis can also help to determine the degree of freshness in several things.

  • A lot of times, such analysers are specific instruments designed for moisture measurement. You can find them manufactured by various companies.
  • When you are using moisture analysers, you will need to have a sample of the substance in question and place inside a little chamber. This chamber has a computer to measure the weight of this sample. Afterwards, the sample will be heated to facilitate moisture reduction. After sometime, the sample is weighed again to check the loss in weight. The loss in weight will determine the moisture content inside the sample.

Laboratory Method:

  • The traditional laboratory method that was used to determine the amount of moisture present in either liquids or semi-liquids is referred to as “loss on drying.” In such a process, the material’s sample is weighted first then it is heated inside an oven and after cooled with a desiccant. After that, it is again weighed. The assumption is that moisture content inside is primarily because of water and the difference in weight helps to gauge the amount of moisture. By this technique, you will get a precise measure of the moisture content.
  • However, this is a slow method and requires manual intervention. But automatic moisture analysers are available now which will help in reducing the amount of time required for testing moisture content from a few hours to a couple of minutes. In these analysers there are electronic balances with sample trays and the surrounding heating objects. By using microprocessor controls, your sample is heated rapidly and will help to complete the process. The amount of moisture lost is measured to provide an idea about the moisture content.

Moisture analysers are important lab equipment and are essential to verify moisture content of various substances of varying matter and mass. There are various types of moisture analysers available which serve specific purposes. Installing a moisture analyser requires professional expertise and you should always hire professionals to do the job.

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