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We're Both Tired, But Our Tireds Look Different

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We’re both tired, but our tireds look different.

My tired is from following pitter-pattering feet around newly explored territories. It is from diaper blowouts and kissing boo-boos. It is from ever-watchful eyes over a teeter-tottering toddler.

Your tired is from client meetings and conference calls. It is from networking events and lunch dates with business partners. It is from consultations and responding to e-mails.

My tired is from rewatching Elmo’s chicken dream, because it’s a favorite Sesame Street episode in our home. It is from trying to overcome the anxiety that comes with venturing out in public with a toddler.

Your tired is from being up before the sun to beat the traffic to the office. It is from staring at a computer for eight hours a day. It is trying so hard to leave the office, just to fight rush hour traffic on your way home.


My tired is from calming temper tantrums. It is from attempting to stop a barrel-rolling child from rolling right off the changing table. It is sitting cross-legged on the floor playing for too long, and being sore for a week afterwards.

Your tired is from being the sole, financial provider for the family. It is from bearing that weight on your shoulders. It is from trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is from doing everything in your power to be a constant presence in your child’s life, and meet all of your responsibilities head on.

We’re both tired, but even though our tireds look different, their importance is not diminished.

And even though we may be tired, we’re never too tired for each other.

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