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We outsource the homeschooling of our kids - and absolutely love it

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"I want my kids to be homeschooled, but I don't want to be the one to do it" - that's what I said to my husband after months of discussing public school system vs homeschooling for our girls. Little did we know we were onto something… The public school system has wonderful things to offer - and I'm so happy it exists. But it never felt like a fit for our family, nor did the local private schools. That's when we took the step to ask a local friend (a mother of 3, highly successful daughters, whom she homeschooled) to think about taking on our girls. She said yes, and our life will never be the same. Here are 5 things I absolutely love about our outsourced homeschooling experience…

  1. No more "mom-guilt"

I've always said this: "When I'm working, I want my kids to be cared for by someone who cares about raising them as much as we do". Leilani (who we hired) fits that bill. She lives for teaching kids. She inspires us to be better (less reactive) parents. And our girls are basically turning into little Anne's with an E (that's: Anne of Green Gables), using the word "famished" instead of "hungry", "astonished" instead of "surprised", and when my daughter was cold the other day, she stated with drama and theatrical flair, "I'm shivering and quivering" (which made me die of laughter). They come home telling us about their cooking adventures, snuggles with Leilani's older girls (they're SO loved there!), and trips to the Library (called "Library Runs"). Instead of feeling "mom-guilt", I feel astonishingly grateful.

2. We have time to grow our business We get the benefits of homeschooling - and our girls leave the house at 8:50 am. That leaves us 7, uninterrupted hours a day to work on our growing, 7-figure business. In the meantime, our girls have exposure to other decision makers, and are exploring their independence as thinkers and human beings (no co-dependence or isolation here, they're mixing with the community). Here's what my choice to outsource education comes down to: I'll always be mediocre at teaching kids (yep, even my own). But I'm a genius at showing women how to make way more money. Doing something that's not in my zone of genius, depletes me. Doing work I absolutely love, makes me a better, happier person. At 4 pm, when the kids come home, I'm fuelled up! And I have tons of energy left for snuggles, laughs, and 87 times of "let's do that again" with my 3-year-old. In other words, outsourcing homeschooling creates a healthier relationship between us and our kids while exposing them to other people and ideas.

3. We can travel whenever, and take the kids

We've always wanted to travel with our kids (visit museums across the globe, natural parks, take them with us to entrepreneurial events). But admit it, traveling with young kids absolutely sucks (the upset, the change in routine, having to clean puke out of the carseats in your rental car on the side of a pittoresque French country road!). Before we considered homeschooling, we often said to each other, "If we want to travel with the kids, we better hurry and do it before they enter the school system". Now, we have the freedom to take them with us for weeks at a time at whatever age, and make it work without it negatively affecting their education.

4. We're directly involved

There's this beautiful back and forth between us and Leilani through email (she writes us extensive updates at least 3x a week), where we discuss daily developments, quirks, and curriculum. Instead of having to abide by what the school system dictates is the right timing, we get to discuss. She writes us things like, "BLISS! Today Ava all of a sudden realized numbers are everywhere, and she was able to distinguish a 9 from a 6, I feel she's ready for the colored math blocks, what do you think?". Because of this constant communication, we know exactly what our kids are experiencing, and connect their experience at "school" with interactions we have at home. It's seamless.

5. It costs less than private school or daycare

We thought hiring a private tutor would cost us an arm-and-a-leg. But what we agreed on is to look at what our local Montessori schools charge per kid, and some other private school options. And we used that to guide negotiations regarding compensation. We've been able to keep it close to USD $1,000/mo (4 days a week), which is comparable to what we were already paying for daycare! Our world is changing so fast: Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, and brand new rules when it comes to who succeeds in the marketplace. The tailoring and adaptability that's possible with homeschooling is a wonderful way to set kids up for success in life (creative thinking, leadership, passion), and now you know it's available to you - without blowing up your own kitchen with a faulty science kit (admittedly, perhaps you didn't know how to use it, and you always sucked at science).

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