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Challenge: Rise!

We must strive to thrive, not just survive

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Robert H. Schuller said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” But who told us we'd have to be so tough to outlast 2020?

Nobody told us at the last New Year’s Eve that everything was about change! But, today, we’re saying: “We slept in one world and woke up in another.” I know several people who eagerly anticipated 2020: fixing dates for weddings, planning new businesses, preparing for great opportunities, and dreaming of the year that would not be quickly forgotten. 2020 came, and virtually everyone and every plan fell apart. From the pandemic to the protests, from social distancing to flattening-the-curve—we’ve been forced to adapt to a new normal, new words, and a new world.

Maybe you’re still recovering from the rude shock of life in the year 2020, or you’re uncertain about the picture of the post-pandemic future; you’re not alone! You’re about to find hope, encouragement, and strength! Hang on!

Sadly, we’ve lost so much this year: Human lives, human touch, direct interactions, and a sense of security and certainty. Even more, we’ve endured financial loss, mental stress, emotional strain, spiritual hunger, and personal pain that has left many feeling helpless and devastated. In a world where disappointment and depression have become prevalent, we need a light of hope at the end of this tunnel. And when we find that ray of hope, we need to focus on it until we break through to a new place of peace and prosperity on the other side of this storm.

Even though we feel sad and weak, we are building an indestructible strength that will help us navigate life, home, marriages, parenting, jobs, outreaches, and even nations better and together. We’ve suffered together; it’s time to heal together. We must strive to thrive and not just survive!

With love, Teaira Carlton💛


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