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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

We don't do 'resolutions.' We shift.

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We're making a shift over here.

Quite a few, actually.

And not because they are "resolutions"

-- 'cause we don't do those here --

but because, as a family, we see the need to get healthier.

Like most families in the world who have been riding out this pandemic while trying to


go to school,

pay bills,

stay sane and healthy,

and not kill each other in the process,

we've kind of jumped ship from

healthy eating,


and maintaining a wellness-focused and optimistic mindset


binge-eating on delicious but unhealthy food,

couch-crashing for back to back hour-long Netflix marathons,

losing ourselves in our digital devices,

and flip-flopping our mood between

feeling copasetic with the state of things

and wholly and utterly pissed off with our post-Covid lives and guilt over how we are living them.

So tomorrow marks anew.

Well, sorta and only for as long as it lasts because the very last thing we need when "shifting," is feeling like it's got to be an all or nothing thing.

It doesn't.

It won't be.

By definition, a "shift" is "a slight change in position, direction, or tendency."

Did you hear that?

Shifts are meant to be small in degree.

They do NOT need to be monumental.

They do NOT need to happen overnight.

And, in fact, the best shifts you'll ever make will happen over (a long) time.

So in case you're in search of one, here's your permission slip to keep reaching for that better version of


your marriage,

and your family,

but you also better remember to


give grace to,

honor and love

the you (and mini-yous) that are doing the shifting.

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