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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

"We are no longer accepting complaints at this location."

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"We are no longer accepting complaints at this location."

I stood in front of the laundry machine, laundering the garments of each of my four loved ones, when the complaints starting roaring in about who needed which item of clothes that they couldn't find and how I was not only to blame for this but that I was also assigned the task of locating those desired pieces.

We got back from vacation six days ago, the bed sheets have been peed on twice this week, the dog pooped on our bathmats and every day has involved me doing laundry till I'm blue in the face or until I






So when my family members -- who will remain unnamed -- came at me with this bull shiitake as I was doing something FOR THEM, I really contemplated loudly informing them that this wife/mama has ceased accepting complaints.

I didn't, though, because I didn't want to stir the pot, dirtying up a dish and adding yet another cleaning task for myself.

I'm also working on being slower to react and trying harder to be more understanding, and so what I did was give myself a little laundry room pep talk.

"You are no longer accepting complaints," I told myself.

That even when ALL that I do isn't enough for others, I must remember that it's enough for me, and that's all that matters.

Listen, I'm not mad at them.

It's my fault for perpetuating the notion that Mommy is the “laundry whisperer.”

But, hear me -- in a lot louder than a whisper -- when I avow that it's really freakin' crucial for us, as mothers, to make enough space for ourselves that grace has room to reside with us.


It'll take you places that all your day-to-day hustling and bustling won't.

It'll take you to a place in your mind and heart where good enough is plenty enough; where all you give, is more than enough and impressive as hell.

Grace changes everything and if I give it to myself, readily and more often, I'll be showing those that I love just how to afford me (and themselves) the same.

We are no longer accepting complaints at this location, but we welcome respect, understanding, thoughtfulness, decency, and, of course, help.

If you're having laundry problems I feel bad for you, son, I've 99 problems but giving myself grace isn’t one.

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