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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

We All Need to Unplug!

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When things do not work around my house, I try to remember that I should power down and try again. Whether it is my phone, my laptop or even my car, this has helped me solve so many issues. I love this quote from Anne Lammott, "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”


Have you been searching for a place where your family can disconnect to reconnect? I highly recommend a beach destination for your next detox. Here are some photos from where I recently stayed at Malolo Island Resort in Fiji to help you get inspired to find your place to personally power down.


Children love to be in the kids club with other little ones their same age on cruise ships, beach resorts and at Tia's Treehouse. In the islands, they often learn words of the local language, culture and event to dance!

Malolo-Tias-Treehouse-kids-club-meke-568.jpgChildren at Tia's Treehouse for Meke (dance) performance. Photo courtesy of Malolo Island Resort.

You may want to find a place that has a nanny service so even your youngest children can be looked after while you are relaxing or choosing an active activity like scuba diving or snorkeling.

Mociu-Snorkel--1024x767.jpgSnorkeling with your partner! Photo courtesy of Malolo Island Resorts

Maybe you will rediscover your love of paddle-boarding, kayaking or find time for a relaxing massage!

Malolo-Spa-2-1024x488.jpgPhoto at Leilani's outdoor Spa at Malolo Island Resort

For many of us, social media, the internet and email has invaded all the corners of our minds to the point where it feels impossible to clear a space for ourselves and our families. Often, when we go to a new place, we can shift perspective and start again.

Video: Where to stay in Fiji

Pick a next holiday where you can unplug so that you can return renewed and ready for the new decade!

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