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Challenge: Open Discussion

We all need a morning meeting

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I used to dread the mornings. I would stay in bed as long as possible and then feel completely stressed out scrambling to get my daughters get ready for school. Many of us are so rushed when we start our day that we are already stressed out and tired before we even get to work.

Let's consider starting the day a little differently, with a purpose. Schedule a quick morning meeting as a family and include your kids. Try to have the meeting at least a few times a week if you can. You can signal the meeting is about to commence by playing their favorite music. There is time to have a few minutes of dancing if you wish, maybe your kids will even join you.

End the dancing when the time is right and turn the music down. This is where your check-in with your family starts. It is really up to you and your family about what to discuss. You could ask your children questions about their hopes for the future and see where the conversation takes you. Listen to your kids. I mean really listen to them. If you want to connect with your kids then try to reach out to them using their interests.


Take turns sharing stories. You can talk about the ups and downs of life. Share the funny stories. Everyone is allowed to get silly here. When I was a teacher and had a morning meeting with my class, one of my students said he watched a lot of television over the weekend in his underwear. I had no idea what to say but I couldn't contain my laughter. Soon the whole class started giggling and the mood felt so much lighter.

We like to end the meeting by doing some affirmations together. We usually say, "I am brave, I am kind, I am amazing." You can customize your affirmations according to your needs. These affirmations put forth some positive energy that will follow your children as they go off to school. Soon your kids will start believing it too.


The morning meeting is simply about connection. In a world of so much stress and rush, I think it is important to take that time to connect with the ones you love the most.

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