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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

Watch Her Fly

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This kid of mine, she wants to fly.

When Katie was 18 months old, I was nursing my newborn son when my older daughters called from the kitchen. They yelled, “Katie’s in the fridge.” At least that’s what I thought they said. As I entered the kitchen, I saw Katie holding onto the handle of the freezer section of our refrigerator as she pulled herself to the top. By the time I reached her, she was sitting on top of our refrigerator.

At that point I knew she needed a controlled outlet for her energy. Katie started gymnastics classes the next week. I thought that would satisfy her, but I was wrong. All throughout preschool and elementary school I would find her climbing anything and everything. From the tall trees surrounding our home to the door frames, Katie was always up in the air. I joked that one day I would find her hanging from the beams in the living room, except I wasn’t that far off with that prediction. She had a little help, but one day she swung from those very beams.


I spent many long afternoons at the gym watching her long lanky frame suspended in mid-air. The sound of her body whipping around the bar resonated throughout the gym. To prove that little girls could indeed fly, Katie sailed through the air above my head. Her hands effortlessly reached from one bar to another.


Jump, twist, turn, repeat. Jump, twist, turn, repeat.

This repetition of skills played over and over again. Occasionally, she would stop for a quick drink of water and to run her hands through the chalk bucket. With a quick adjustment to her grips, she would be flying again.

While flipping on the uneven bars still gives her a thrill, she has this daredevil streak that is always looking for adventure. Katie doesn't climb to the top of the refrigerator anymore, but we do have a trapeze in our living room!


Aerial skiing has become the new outlet for Katie's abounding energy. Pursuing her new passion has connected her with a phenomenal group of dedicated athletes and even more dedicated coaches.

Watch my girl fly.

I cannot wait to see where she is a year from now.


Prepare to be amazed.

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