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Visiting Belgrade With Kids

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Serbia is becoming a very attractive destination for more and more tourists and Belgrade in no exception. The city has a special energy and a diversity that will provide you a unique experience, different than any other European destination.

Me and my wife, also heard about this amazing country and last summer we decided to take our 2 kids and to spend our vacation in Serbia. Needless to say that our favorite place was Belgrade, and we were simply amazed by the warmth of the city and by the hospitality of the people. I have to admit that I was a little concerned at first, because I didn't know a lot of things about Serbia, and given the fact that our children are small (8 and 10 years old) we didn't know if it you be a safe place for them. Our worries vanished as soon as we arrived in Belgrade, because to our surprise, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. Serbians have a strong family oriented culture and Belgrade is one of the most peaceful capital in Europe, making it the safest touristic place for you and your family.


But besides the nice people and the safety level, we also wanted to visit the city and its most important attractions. At that time, we didn't really know the city and we often had to ask for directions. The people were very friendly and even if neither of us is speaking Serbian, there were a lot of people that were speaking English, so we found all the places that we were looking for.

The Belgrade Zoo was by far the favorite destination for our children. The Zoo has some very diverse species and you can see there, animals like: elephants, monkeys, lions, wolves, giraffes, kangaroos and our son favorite, the alligator. He even asked me to take a picture with him near the alligator, and on his first day of school he took the photo and show it to all his classmates. The conditions at the Zoo are more than acceptable, all the information are available in English and you can easily lose track of time while there.


Because it was summer and very hot, we took advantage of it and we decided to visit the famous Ada Ciganlija. Ada is a very well organized peninsula, which is also used as a recreational place. They have some open air restaurants and some play areas for the children, right in front of them. The place is not so crowded and you can have a relaxing evening and a delicious meal in one of those restaurants. The children loved the playing ground, so we had to take some hard negotiations when we had to leave because "let's stay just 5 more minutes" means at least one half an hour for them.

From the moment we decided to come to Belgrade we considered if we should stay at a hotel or not. Because we wanted to have a more intense experience, and to really feel the vibe of the city, we decided to rent an apartment in Belgrade. Nothing beats the privacy you and your family can get, without checking in and out with the restless kids, this was perfect for us. Everything was in its right place, the place was designed with passion to look as welcoming and cozy as possible, and we felt like home from the moment we arrived.


For me and my family, Belgrade was an amazing experience with warm people, fascinating attractions and beautiful landscapes. It surely is a destination to visit, and I'm going to recommend it to everybody, whenever I have the chance.

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