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Challenge: Summer Fun

Use Summer to Learn About the Board Game Renaissance

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When most people think about summer, they envision vacation, travel, sunshine, swimming pools and much-needed relaxation (AKA laziness).

Not our family. Sure we'll incorporate vacation and sunshine and swimming pools (among other things) but the bulk of our summer plans revolve around an activity that encourages less screen-time, more bonding time, social interaction and strategic thinking: The Board Game Renaissance.


That's right. Our grand summer plans include a whole lot of board games. Not only do we meet every Friday night with a group of 30-60 other gamers of all ages, but we also meet with a smaller group twice a month at the local library and random pick-up games whenever our schedules meld with our friends' days off work. Sure we have travel on the agenda: To two different major gaming conventions: Origins Game Fair (which was held a few weeks ago) and Gen Con (August 4-7, 2016).


You're probably asking yourself, "Board Games have been around for years, so why is someone calling it a Renaissance?" Let's back up a bit and add some clarification. We're not talking marathon sessions of Monopoly, Trouble, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Risk. Not even Trivial Pursuit. Unbeknownst to many people, there are thousands of games available that aren't on the shelves at the local mass merchandiser. Games of all types using different themes, tactics, styles and components. Some pit people against each other while others require cooperation and collaboration.



Games. They help us bond as a family while teaching our kids about history, science, math and more.

Games. Help keep our brains active, pushing our strategic thinking skills.

Games. Getting our kids away from the screen and socially interacting with individuals of all ages, creeds, backgrounds and abilities.

Games. That's what our summer is all about.

What kind of games are you playing to be part of the rennassance?

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