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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

I am here.

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You have to keep going.

You have to get up and go, you can’t live here. Don’t do this to yourself or to the people who love you.

“Life is hard” can be an understatement sometimes.

Life is unbearable, unfair, rotten.

Those adjectives fit the phrase better on our hardest of hard days.

But don’t get stuck in those days.

You can’t keep reliving them over and over again. Why would you want to?

You have to get back up.

You have to dust yourself off and put your feet on the ground and make them move.

Yes, you will have to say to your brain, move my foot because every fiber in your being wants you to stay, stuck. ...Just a little bit longer.


What a deceitful word. Don’t tell yourself that.

This day.

Right now.

You are going to get up and keep moving because, you know what, life is rotten sometimes. It’s rotten sometimes to all of us.
But it’s also amazing and beautiful and fun and full of surprises.

What if I told you the best is yet to come? Would you get up then?

What if I told you there are memories waiting on you to snatch them up and put them in your pockets and pull them back out on your rottenest of rotten days.

Would you get up now?
Put your foot on the ground, tell your brain to make it move.

You deserve to keep going.
The people that love you deserve to see you happy again.

You have a testimony.

What you know, others need to know too.

Tell your story.

But you can’t tell it from the couch.

Go! Move your feet! Go tell it from the mountains, tell it from roof, shout, “I am here!”

I am strong and I am beautiful and I am loved! shout it!
It’s time. It’s time to move. To move on with your life.

Will more rotten days come? Yep! They will. And you may one day find yourself down again, grasping for breath as though you’ve fallen off the money bars, landed on your back and the wind has been knocked clean out of your lungs.

Yes. You will have more days like that.

But you will have more good days too.

More days where the sun beats on your skin and the wind brushes your face and you will take a deep breathe and say, this is it. I’ve made it. I am here.

But none of that will happen if you don’t get up. You will miss out on life. Your life.

And life is worth every second we get. The joy we feel, the wonders we witness, the heartbreaks we endure.

All of it.

You’ve got this. Now, Go!

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