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What it Means to be a Mother

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Motherhood means…sleepless nights.

Late night feedings.




Stomach bugs.

Wet beds.


Wanting to hold Mommy tight.

Bathroom trips.

Another glass of water.

Missed curfews.

Constant forever.

Motherhood means…holding hands...

to cross the street.

to say a prayer.

to swing through the air.

to spell your name.

to say I love you.

to dance.

to ease the pain.

to hold a steering wheel.

to walk down the aisle.

to say this is not "Goodbye"; it’s simply, "See you soon".

Motherhood means…there’s rarely time…

to eat a real meal.

to wash your hair.

to hang out with girlfriends.

to read a book.

to go to the bathroom by yourself.

to exercise.

to take a nap.

to pursue your hobbies.

to talk to your spouse.

to cherish every moment.

Motherhood means…sacrifice.

Little sleep.

Dark roots.

Chipped polish.

No polish.

Weekend commitments.

Birthday parties. Practice. Games. Recitals...Homework.

Weekday commitments.

Birthday parties. Practice. Games. Recitals....Homework.

Working long hours to give your kids the best.

Last minute runs to the store.

Late night homework.

Late night projects.

Motherhood means late night chats...

about friends.

about hurt feelings.

about school.

about decisions.

about crushes.

about heartbreak.

about life.

about the future.

Motherhood means…wearing many hats.






Dance instructor.

Cleaning lady.



Personal shopper.

Personal driver.

Personal secretary.

Personal organizer.


It’s not always easy to be a Mom. In fact, I think it is the hardest job in the world. But we are all so blessed to be mothers, and I know that there is not a single one of us who would trade our role as "Mother" for anything in the world.

To mothers everywhere - young and old...Happy Mother's Day!

To those who became pregnant easily and to those who struggled, like me, to become a mother...Happy Mother's Day!

To those who still hope to be a mother one day, hold on to your faith. Somehow and in some way, you will become a mother. It may not happen in the way that you imagined for yourself, but be patient and pray, and open your eyes to your surroundings. It will happen...and so I say to each of you, Happy Mother's Day!

To those who might not have children of your own, but you are like a mother to someone in your life - whether you are a teacher, a good friend, a care taker, or a wife...Happy Mother's Day!

To those who have lost a child - please know that you are loved, and you will forever be a mother to your heavenly child who smiles down upon you every single day. I know that I do not fully understand your pain, but what I do know is that you are embraced in the love and prayers of those who love and care about you. We are thinking of you today and always...Happy Mother's Day!

To those who still have a mother to hold, and to those who miss their mothers dearly...Happy Mother’s Day to your mothers on earth and to your mothers in Heaven. They will forever be remembered on Mother's Day and always.

Most of all - Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother.

I always looked up to you when I was a little girl, Mom - my mother who looked like a Barbie doll and did everything with grace and a smile on her face. But now that I know for myself what it is like to be a mother, I appreciate you and love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for being such a wonderful Mother!

To women EVERYWHERE, you are rock stars! Whether you have children or not, there is no doubt that you are an incredibly strong, caring, loving, and wonderful person - just like so many mamas out there! And every single one of you deserves to be told...

"Happy Mother’s Day"!

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