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Challenge: Rise!

What if life is about the fire and how you go through it?

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What if life is about the fire and how you go through it?

What if we encourage each other to run towards it?

To run with it in our bellies, instead of away from it.

What if you take that fire and light up those around you in such a way that makes them feel motivated, excited, inspired, and confident?

What if you forget the notion that your #1 purpose in life is to accomplish your things, and instead replace it with the belief that one of your very many roles -- but arguably the most important -- is to help others



or keep their fire going.

Or, at minimum, instill in them and encourage the belief that they can.

That they can make their dreams a reality.

That their goals are attainable.

That they can do or be anything they want with enough


hard work,



and, of course,

the right support system.

What if you don't ever catch the break you've been longing for or become the person you've always dreamt?

That's possible.

But, what if the people in your life can, and, its all thanks to you and your selfless willingness to hold them up and push them forward?

Then maybe your dream wasn't big enough.

'Cause, what you are doing when you focus your energy on contributing your time, assistance, and endorsement to those around you is keeping others' fires aflame.

And, to be honest, well, I can't think of anything more noteworthy than that.

Sure it's great to be the one on fire, getting sh*t done, and making a name and admirable life for yourself, but it's even more stirring, satisfying and fulfilling to see others so lit up and knowing that you were a vital part in making that happen.

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