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11 At Home Date Nights You'll Both Love

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As one of our New Year’s intentions for 2019, my and I decided to have weekly date nights. We made a goal that one date night a month would be out of the house, but the rest would be date nights from home! We’ve actually really come to love these at-home date nights and have a lot of fun coming up with new, creative ideas on a weekly basis.

Here's a round up of 11 fun, affordable, and DIY date nights you can enjoy right from your house!

1. Yoga Date Night

Being active is something that is important to both Eric and I, so this was a perfect date night for us! We pushed aside the coffee table and laid out our yoga mats in the living room and found an online yoga class! There are so many different ones to choose from on YouTube. One of our favorite series is Yoga with Adriene.

2. Watch a Comedy Special

We are obsessed with the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, so when we heard that a Ray Romano comedy special was coming out on Netflix, we knew it would be a perfect at home date night! We made up some of these soft pretzels and had a great night of laughter. Find your favorite comedian and settle in!

3. Video Game Tournament

This is one of my favorite ideas!! I am admittedly TERRIBLE at any and all video games. Like, embarrassingly bad. But, it’s still super fun to order some takeout and have a little tournament from the couch. Our go-to game of choice is definitely Wii Mario Kart, but anything you both like is perfect!

4. Baking Together

Eric and I both have a MAJOR sweet tooth! (I never really did until I was pregnant, but oh man it stuck!) As part of our Valentine’s Day this year, we made homemade red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Bake up your favorite treat and enjoy!

5. Plan Your Dream Vacation

Is there a place both of you are dying to travel to? Get a travel guide from the library or hop online and plan out your dream vacation! Where will you go? Where will you stay? What will you do?

6. Coffee Shop Date Night

For this one, grab some magazines you’ll both find interesting from the store! Sit down with your favorite hot beverage and read through them. Share interesting articles with each other!

7. Take Personality Tests

I absolutely LOVE taking personality tests! Mostly because I love to see how accurate the results are! My favorites are definitely the Myers-Briggs test and the Enneagram test! Take them with your partner, compare results, and see how true to life they really are!

8. Breakfast (for Dinner) In Bed

Breakfast food is hands down my FAVORITE! For this date night, cook up you favorite breakfast foods, hop in bed and put on a movie or binge watch some of your favorite show! This Skinnytaste breakfast pizza has been a go-to for us lately! It’s seriously amazing.

9. Love Language Lists

In my previous blog post about at home date nights, I mentioned reading The 5 Love Languages together. Recently, my husband and I sat down during a date night and made a list of ways that we would like to receive love in each of the five categories: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gift giving and physical touch. For example, under words of affirmation I wrote down, “Tell me if you think I look nice in an outfit I’m wearing,” and for gift giving I put, “surprise me with a candy bar!” Now, we each have a list of things we know will make the other feel loved and appreciated!

10. Have a Slumber Party

Set up lots of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags out in the living room. Get a bunch of fun snacks and hold your own kid-free sleepover! Stay up late watching movies or your favorite show.

11. Letters For When You’re Feeling…

Pick a list of categories and write a letter to your partner to read when they feel like they need it. Here are some ideas:

A Letter For When You’ve Had a Bad Day
A Letter For When You’re Sad
A Letter For When You’re Proud
A Letter For When You Need Encouragement
A Letter For When You Miss Me
A Letter Just Because

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