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How To Write a Comparison and Contrast Essay

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A comparison and contrast essay is just an essay where you either compare or contrast something. A comparison essay is just an essay where you highlight the similarities and in a contrast essay you would highlight the differences between your topics of choice. We could use a comparison and contrast essay when deciding on the best car to buy, which vacation spot would be the best this summer or what is the best restaurant in your area.

When writing your comparison and contrast essay the most important thing to remember is structure. Some of the best essays fall victim to bad structure. This is not what you want when writing your comparison and contrast essay, so take the time at the beginning to brainstorm about your topics an use all essay help sites you need. So let’s get to the structure of your essay.

Structuring Your Comparison and Contrast Essay


This will be your first paragraph and should be the same as any other paper you have wrote. You will introduce both of your topics to your readers and lead into the thesis statement.

First Topic

This will be the second part of your essay. Remember your comparison essay can be just one paragraph, or quite a few. The first topic paragraph should only cover the very first topic of choice. Remember not to discuss topic 2 in this paragraph.

Second Topic

In this part of your comparison essay you will cover your second topic. Since you have already discussed topic one you should not bring it into this section. You may however allude to your first topic but do not analyze them in this part of your essay.

Bringing Both Topics Together

Now it is time to bring both of your topics together to analyze their contrast and comparisons. This part could just be one paragraph, or several. You can go on and on with paragraphs until all of your points have been made.

Comparison and Contrast Essay - Conclusion

The conclusion of your comparison and contrast essay should be like the introduction, just a generalization of your essay. This part should show your complete knowledge on the topics. You should also affirm your paper and show how you have proven it to your readers.

Congratulations you have completed your comparison and contrast essay. I hope this guide has made writing your paper easier for you.

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