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Challenge: WHO Are You?

There's two sides to every story... And then there's Me.

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The question posed here is so hard to answer simply, because when I think about it I am two very different people... possibly even three if we include the BC– Before Children.

It can even come down to the minute in the day to which version of Sinead you’re going to get. This was something I actually pondered over for quite some time while building my business.

You see, I am my brand. But who do I want the world to see? I am a Health and Wellness coach. Health and Wellness Coaches are usually serious and have white kitchens. They seem to lead a perfect life. They have their lives organized, prepared and together, perfectly posed and vibrant, and often wear aprons.

But I am also a mum, wife, yogi, taxi driver, cook, cleaner, maid, first aid medic, hot lunch lady… the list goes on.

Just to be able to attend Mum 2.0 I am hiring 4 people to step in and take over so my husband doesn't have to take time off work and my children don’t end up in foster care.

But at my core... Who am I?


I am Sinead. I grew up in Australia with Irish parents, at 19 years old I started traveling and I guess I haven’t stopped.

But, I've always had two distinctly different sides to who I am.

Before children (BC) I was a carefree spirit. Nothing phased me. Kinda a child of the 70’s but in the 90’s and 2000’s. If I got bored I would quit my job and move. Then I built a career in Advertising and partied like it was 1999, pulling all nighters in gay bars swinging from the rafters to Diana Ross and Queen B... I worked hard and played harder.

However, two weeks later I might be found at a yoga Shala in down dog followed by a 2 hour silent meditation.

When I married my husband life slowly but surely calmed the hell down - my liver thanked me. My all nighters evolved to taking place in the nursery with a screaming baby in my arms, rather than a tray of tequila shots.

Then two babies, then three... they multiply at night like gremlins you know.

Fast forward to 2018 - because I lost most of 2015 – 2017 was spent in a world wind of studying deep diving into research, self improvement, health and wellness and yoga teacher training - I am now a health and wellness entrepreneur and still a mum of 3, wife to 1.

I am a calm meditative yogi, who loves to help other busy mums work out their shit, lose weight and feel amazing. I am a qualified yoga teacher who will never teach a class, but loves to practice. I am also loving mum and housewife.

However, I often look like a red hot mess flying into school for drop off, flinging open the car doors for the kids to get out so they are not late again, while screaming out the window -

'RUN! RUN! RUN! and get in those gates!'

Then chasing them and screaming

'.... HEEEEEY, You forgot your lunches!!!!’

There are times in my day the words coming out of my mouth would make a sailor blush, I can be heard screaming for the kids to close the front door and shortly after seen chasing our dog down the street.

An hour later I might be sitting in meditation or repeating yogic Sanskrit chants, cleaning my crystals and smudging the house to bring love and healing energy to my home and family.


I am loud and I rush through my day, but I am cripplingly shy, calm and holistic. I take deep energizing breaths while stuck in traffic or stopped at the lights. The kids and I drink green alkaline juices for breakfast and some nights I drink wine and eat cheese sticks while watching a documentary on the toxic effects of sugar in modern day diets.

I will never do yoga on a beach in a bikini and post it on social media – I promise.

But I will sit with Buddhist Monks in a temple and chant for 2 hours.

I love my crazy, I love my bliss. I love being Mum and wife, I love being a Health and Wellness Coach.

Who am I?… I am over busy very affectionate wife and mother, constantly working to find balance, be holistic, heal my body and support my children’s. I laugh loud and like to laugh often while finding gratitude in my day and teach my children to also find gratitude, feel love, laugh often and enjoy life - but only after they have pick up their shoes, put away their toys and done their homework - well… I can try.

I am building my Health and Wellness empire to provide my services to other Mums to heal their bodies, lose weight, find gratitude and bliss in their daily lives.

I am Sinead. I strive to Be Well, Find Gratitude... And let go of Perfect.



Sinead Quinn-Biskup is a Health and Wellness Coach and Mum of 3, Wife to one. She likes to promote Self Care and Wellness for Busy Mums while keepin’ it real. Find her on Facebook at Grateful Wellness for Busy Mums or at

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