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Challenge: WHO Are You?

An Identity that Never Changes

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Through out our life we are asked questions like "who are you?" or "what do you do?" We learn from an early age to have a basic introduction prepared. In our childhood and teenage years we might share what grade are in, where we attend school or what sport we play. We then transition to sharing where we work or live. There seems to be an unlimited number of options to describe who we are.

When we become a parent our focus often shifts to our children. We learn to introduce ourselves as a "mother." The previous descriptors associated with our identity seem to float away. They are suddenly out of our grasp. We no longer look at ourselves as a graduate of insert-name-of-college-here or from insert-name-of-town-here.

If you become a SAHM this loss of identity can hit pretty hard. It did for me, anyways. There may be a sense of embarrassment and isolation in this loss. Yes, we know that motherhood is a very important role but it doesn't allow for much individual identity. Your identity becomes the "mom of".

It is important to find an identity that will never change. An identity that can stay the same through all seasons of life. An identity that doesn't change when your life circumstances change. An identity you don't lose when you graduate, lose your job or have a baby.

For me, this identity is my relationship with my Heavenly Father. While I've had to grieve the loss of many previous identities, I have always been and will always be God's beloved daughter. I will be saved through his son, Jesus Christ. I will be loved and be enough.

My circumstances may change. My dreams may change. I may change. But one thing will never change. Who am I? I am God's masterpiece.

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