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How to Manage ALL of Those Photos

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How to Manage ALL of Those Photos

I take a lot of pictures. Like... a lot. But I love taking these pictures, & my iPhone makes it so simple to snap away until I get the shot I'm looking for. I am able to capture the big moments but also those small everyday moments that I enjoy looking back on.

Of course the problem with taking this many pictures is that it can feel daunting to try to organize them. How do you keep them organized? How do you back them up? How do you get around to printing them out or putting together photobooks?

I used to feel very overwhelmed & downright guilty about how I was managing my photos because I never had the time to manage them properly. I basically had come to terms with the fact that all of my pictures were going to go into the abyss somewhere, & I would get around to sorting through them all once the kids went off to college.

Fortunately, technology has advanced & easier, more enjoyable solutions are here!!!

Here are two amazingly easy ways to keep your pictures organized, searchable, safe, & enjoyable!

Google Photos

Google Photos (& Google Drive in general) has been such a game-changer for me! I am blown away at how easy & accessible they make things.


I have the Google Photos app on my phone that automatically backs up all of my photos & videos for me. You can back up from your computer as well if you have photos & videos stored there, & then everything that you backed up is available at your fingertips via Google Photos in your browser or in your smartphone app.

It also has some other really cool features...

Search by Date

Want to relive Christmas from 2013. Just use the super, simple scroller bar to navigate there quickly!


Search by Topic

Want to view all of your beach pictures? Just type "beach" into the search bar.


Search by Face

Google Photos is so smart that it categorizes pictures with facial recognition. (Almost 13,000 pictures of my son... I told you I take a lot.)


You can create animations!

These things crack me up... I can't get enough of them! Google Photos will automatically create some for you that you can choose to save to your library, or you can create your own from scratch from pics or videos.


Really the sky is the limit when it comes to Google Photos. They offer so many wonderful features at your fingertips, & I have been so happy with this easy solution to my photo storage & organization problems!


My second photo solution has to do with photo books & prints.


There are a ton of services that allow you print out photos & compile photobooks, BUT Chatbooks does all of this for you automatically!!!


Choose Your Source

With Chatbooks photo book series, you can automatically get photo books & prints delivered to your doorstep without doing anything.

I have my account set up so that my Chatbooks will fill up with the pictures that I post to my Instagram feed. You can also choose to have it pull from Facebook or even your camera roll!

You can always tweak things in your Chatbook before it goes to print - remove or add photos, change captions, change cover photo, etc.

But there is very minimal effort involved.

Affordable Photo Books & Prints

Your Chatbook will fill up (& you'll receive a notification) once you get to 60 pictures. You have a few days to make any edits that you want before it goes to print, & then it magically arrives at your door step!

I am on the photo book series subscription with the add-on of 5 photo prints per book. This means that I get 5 great quality square prints withe each photo book that arrives. I hang these with mini clothes pins on our stairwell wall. It is so fun to be able to change them out from time to time!

-- Get your first photo book in a series FREE by using my referral link HERE --


Pretty simple, right?

Take the time this week to get these two services set up, & it will make your life so much easier!

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