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Challenge: My Dad Hero

He's The Anchor

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Nothing can prepare you fully for the experience of becoming a parent. Yes, we can read all the books and watch all the videos and get unsolicited advice from every parent we know, but nothing, nothing prepares you for the feelings you have the moment your child is born.

I knew my husband was going to be a good father very early on in our relationship even though he had zero experience with children. Something about his demeanor told me to keep this guy around. He has an easy going grace about him. He’s a brilliant mind with a knack for explanation - I say all the time he really should be a professor, the young people of the world are missing out on his knowledge. Intellectual conversations full of substance light him up, he can’t be bothered with a lot of small talk.

The day our first born arrived - on my birthday, by the way - my husband was calm and supportive, even if he was freaking out on the inside, I had no idea. He timed my contractions in bed and kept track of them on a notebook for two hours before we headed to the hospital. Feeling helpless after we got there, he sat by my side watching the monitors narrating to me when a contraction was coming - as if I didn’t know!! When our son was born he was observant and quiet, drinking it all in. Every moment, every sound, he can probably still describe it to a tee almost twelve years later.

Profound. Life changing. Miraculous.

Without knowing anything about raising children and the mountain of work we had in front of us, he jumped in from the first second and has not looked back. From diaper duty to late night feedings. From middle of the night sickness to soccer game sidelines. From common core math to creating artful birthday cards for grandparents. He has not skipped a beat all while juggling a very demanding career.

He’s without a doubt the better parent between the two of us. I’m the organizer, the schedule keeper, the one that makes sure everything is running like a well oiled machine. He’s the video game player and the one who takes our boys fishing. I’m the reminder to do your homework - he actually sits and does it with them. The love he has for our boys is evident in the way he looks at them. In the way he laughs with them. In the way he interacts with them.

He’s a remarkable father.

Over the last few months, my semi new career has taken a turn toward the more productive side. I’ve started traveling more frequently and have become involved in projects that are taking me away from my parental duties for a few days at a time. While not consistent, we’ve had to rearrange schedules to make it all work and there hasn’t been one time where my husband has balked. His support of my new career has been incredible and it’s teaching our boys the true meaning of supporting one another through our partnership. He’s had to take on mom duties in my absence, and he hasn’t once complained (at least not to me!!).

I always knew he would be an amazing father - I never knew how far my expectations would be exceeded. Words can’t express our love and gratitude for having such a solid human being at the helm or our family. I may be the one steering our ship, but he’s without a doubt our anchor.

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