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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

A Challenge of Single-Parent

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In the occasions, you are the only parent who raises children you will surely face multiple challenges, which will be utterly serious. Though are did not face such a challenge in my own family, I know many cases of single-parent cases. Even some of my acquaintances raise their kids alone. This is a very great trouble and unfortunately, there are too many of these cases all around the U.S.A.

I wish to help the single parents with at least some recommendations and useful tips. I studied this matter and read a lot. Therefore, I can claim that I know most of the problems and the way to overcome them.

Being the only parent is a great burden. American Psychological Association gives multiple examples of possible complications. Single-parents live through everyday tension, stress, fatigue and other mental problems. There are many troubles about the behavior and discipline of children that cause mental exhaustion. In addition, single-parent families generally have lower incomes and less access to health care. However, there are some positive strategies to escape the greatest part of all possible problems.

The first step to normalize the problems in your single-parent family is to reduce stress. I think it is really possible. What to start with?

Of course, the most powerful feeling is love. Therefore, you should show your children the power of your love from day to day. Praise your little ones show your support and understanding.

Find a proper care. Of course, in order to earn money, we should go to work. Therefore, the single-parents face the issue of leaving their children to someone. One of the possible options is to ask the elder brother or sister to take care of the younger ones. Nonetheless, this may not be enough. Therefore, you should find a dependable and qualitative care for your children. Probably, some of your relatives or friends may do that favor from time to time. However, be sure that you can fully rely on them.

Set restrictions. There should be always some rules and limitation. In such way, the younger generation learns how to be responsible and dutiful. Don’t be too strict. It would be good to explain the duties of your children as if asking to make a favor, which would be well-rewarded. Show them respect and your trust to them. Make up a regular schedule and give each child (or the only one if you have only one kid) routine tasks about the house.

Remain positive. Dr. Steven Shelov, a pediatrician in Mineola, underlines the necessity of encouraging yourself and your children. No matter how difficult your life might be, don’t hang your head. Be positive and joyful. Remind your children that all of their problems will be resolved within time, patience and positive attitude.

Take care of yourself. Each parent should likewise think about him-/herself. There would be no good if you get sick or exhausted. Eat healthy food, provide physical activity and have a proper sleep. In order to reduce stress, spare some time undertaking your hobbies.

I would like to highlight another important issue. Sooner or later you would like to find a partner for life. As one of the parents is gone, you should be utterly careful when trying to start new relations. Your children may receive a great stress seeing you with somebody else who is supposed to replace their mom or dad.

If you are dating somebody, make sure that your children would not suffer from your romantic affair. Clarify to your children the whole situation and try to establish friendly relations among your children and your new partner. Don’t expect them being close friends immediately. This happens rarely. You should give them some time to get used to each another.

I’m confident that one should fight for his or her family. Though this is a very difficult challenge, the reward is worth it. You will have to make titanic efforts, but your family will live in peace, friendship, and harmony.

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