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Challenge: Springtime Crafts for Kids

Spring Time Fun That Uses Up Those Plastic Eggs & Easter Candy!

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Every Easter we're inundated with all those plastic Easter eggs and all that yummy Easter candy (which we all know needs to leave the house immediately). Eggs make for great omelets, but what do you do with the plastic variety? Here are a few clever ways to use them up and have fun with your kids while doing so!

Ultimate Egg Toss: Finally, eggs that are meant for an egg toss!!! These plastic little gems are the perfect "eggs" to have that Egg toss with your kids. Pair the kids into teams of two and have them stand facing each other. They toss the egg to their partner. After each successful catch they take a step back. The game is trickier than you think…those eggs pop open swiftly if not handled rather gently. The last pair standing with an unbroken egg wins! You can even do it indoors!

Practice those Eggs-cellent Math Skills: If your kids are anything like mine, after a long spring break they can use a brush up on math skills. Write age appropriate math problems on small pieces of paper and hide with a treat in an egg. Give your kid a basket of 6 or 12 eggs and watch their eyes light up until they realize they have to answer the math problem correctly before keeping the treat inside.


Snack Attack: Right about now is the time in the school year where many of us lesser mortals have lost our creativity with our kids lunches (not to mention school projects, dioramas and everything else that requires a mad dash to a craft store). Not to worry! We can fake out those Pinterest loving, over achieving moms, using these leftover plastic eggs. They're perfect for inspiring a bit of fun - fill with your kid's favorite snacks (or even just the same old Goldfish & fruit chews), add a cute message with a Sharpie and drop in their lunchbox!

Concentration: Remember that old classic that our grandmothers had us play. Well, we can recreate that fun using these colorful playthings. Hide pairs of tiny objects under these plastic half-shells. See how many matches your kids can make. Use favorite small toys or snacks to keep them really engaged.


And, now to tackle the Easter candy here are two fun ways to get it out of the house:

Cupcake Easter Wars: Make a batch of your favorite cupcakes. Put all the leftover Easter candy in a pile in the middle of the table. Give your kids a can of frosting and let them make some fun Easter creations. Put them in an egg carton and then you can be the judge!


Easter Dump Cookies: Make a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough and instead of adding chocolate chips dump in your favorite Easter candy & leftover holiday sprinkles.

And at this point, if you were as impulsive as I was and bought enough of those plastic eggs to still have leftovers after these fun games, then keep them tucked away for a rainy day this summer and have the ultimate summer treasure hunt!

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