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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Turning "Mom Guilt" into Gratitude

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We all feel it at times. Mom guilt. What is it, exactly, and why must we feel it?

Personally, I think feeling the "mom guilt" is what makes us good parents. If we made mistakes without ever feeling guilty, where would that leave us?

Let's not go there. Instead, I thought that with Thanksgiving just around the corner, why not turn your remorse into gratitude? The next time you get that familiar, guilty feeling, focus rather on the things you are doing right. Then simply try to do better next time.

I feel guilty about feeding my toddler fish sticks or chicken nuggets...or frozen pizza

Not only am I working a full-time job and working on building my business, but I'm also eight months pregnant. So sometimes when we get home, I might end up pulling some convenience food out of the freezer (which I never would have previously even dreamed of buying!) and sitting on the couch while it bakes. Does that make me a bad mom?

I can be grateful that we have money to buy food, and that she is able to go to bed with a happy, she even gets a side of fruit or veggies with every meal, so it's not all bad.

I also feel guilty about being less-than-patient with her when she's not listening or acting out

I'm sure all you moms of toddlers get lovable and adorable your two-year-old is most of the time, they sure know how to push your buttons! Most of the time, I can deal with the arguing and the tantrums, but pregnancy hormones seem to have replaced my patience. I feel SO awful after scolding her when she's acting out.

But I'm SO grateful to even HAVE a child to scold, and I'm also grateful to have been blessed with another healthy pregnancy, even if it has temporarily taken away most of my patience. And even more, toddlers are quick to forgive and forget, so that's another reason to be grateful for her.

I'm sure you get the picture. You're not a bad mom for feeling the "mom guilt". In fact, I think you're pretty awesome for acknowledging your shortcomings. Now just replace those guilty feelings with gratitude, and work on identifying the ways you can do better in the future.

From Tonya @ the Writer Mom

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