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Trying to increase active transportation at my kid’s school

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I consider it to be common knowledge now that we all need to move our bodies, more so than ever before. For our kids, it is recommended that they get 60 mins of moderate to vigorous activity per day.

I know that too many it may seem an exaggeration, but the electric bike has changed my life. And I want to tell you because I think that people are not aware of all that this two-wheeled device can do for you. Who was going to tell me when I bought it, I still do not know very well why. Because I saw them as a fashion for hipsters, vegans, militant ecologists ... weird and frikis, not "normal people" like me.

But I took the step, I bought it, and they brought my bike home. I remember that I kept looking at her, sitting in the armchair and thinking: "a bike? To your years, a bike? What were you thinking? Go making it hollow in the storage ... ".

I went down to the street with her, and I looked at both sides hoping that no neighbor would see me with my new acquisition, because of the feeling of ridicule. "Thank God there is nobody," I thought. I got on the bike and took the first ride.

What I felt at that moment is so difficult to explain ... It was like a trip in space and time; a bombardment of sensations, memories, tastes, smells ... I felt childhood. I felt the happiness I felt the air on my face and my chest full. I remembered racing with my brother when my mother sent us for bread; of the day when I dared to go down the slope of the open field; when I met Lola and took her to English classes ...

How could I have forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike? The movement, the balance, the curves, the sensation of speed ... At what moment in my life had I stopped having the illusion of a child? I was pedaling less than 100 meters, and I was asking questions that I never did watching series on the couch.

I felt that I was going forward without effort, that every pedaling was very hard. But when the first uphill came, I saw the light — climbed as Miguel Indurain, advancing meters with a smile. In fact, I looked again and again, but this time proud and boasting of my feat. At that moment I felt I could go where I wanted to go, climb the Tourmalet, or do the Paris-Dakar pedaling: there were no limits.

An electric bicycle is nothing more than a bicycle with an electric motor that assists the cyclist in pedaling. It usually has a range of between 40 and 70 km depending on the engine, which is powered by a battery that can be recharged in the electricity grid.

Users experience assisted pedaling from the available electric bicycle for sale in the market which implies less effort.

When the battery is used up, it is only necessary to connect it to the mains with a plug.

The months have passed, and my electric bike is my companion and the material possession that I love the most. After each walk I feel better and happier, they say that it has a scientific explanation, that they are endorphins or I do not know what. I also feel better, in general, stronger, less rigid ... and also more alive and cheerful.

Along the way, I have known new places, a thousand places I had next to the home and had never seen. Places through which it passed at full speed, and that were like in another dimension. Walk to walk now I see Paqui, from the greengrocers; Tomás, Pedro, and Mariano, who go to the park at mid-morning to get the sun. It seems a lie, but the electric bike has helped me to expire hard, slow down and live life at another speed, more human, that does not burn you inside and allows you to enjoy the simple things.

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