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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Trips For Teens And Why Planning No Longer Stinks

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This post is sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions expressed are my own.

We recently went on family vacation to Florida and on the way home stopped at the beach. My son thought it would be funny to pick me up, but as I neared his armpit I stopped laughing. The sweaty smell honestly had me cringing. I told him trips for teens should be based on fun with family and friends instead of funky teen boy smells (we laughed at that). Then I reminded him of the Momversation we had a few months ago. We came home talked again, and now I can share with you why planning trips for teens no longer stinks.

Florida beach day kids

Have You Had Momversations With Your Teen?

It's no secret that as our teenage sons grow and change, their scent does too. As parents, one of the best things we can do, instead of letting it linger on (pun intended), is to have open and honest Momversations with them, especially about personal hygiene.

These mother/son conversations can be light-hearted and loving while still getting the point across about the goal of smelling fresh and clean.

Summer is coming up, which means planning trips for teens with family and friends. I decided this was the perfect time to make sure my son smells good and feels confident no matter where his travels take him thanks to some help from AXE.


Why Planning Trips For Teens No Longer Stinks

  • Shopping- First I took a trip to my local CVS so I could stock up on some AXE products for my son. They often have great sales on AXE and this time was no different. (5/5/19-5/11/19: BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF WITH CARD Select AXE products. 6/9/19-6/15/19: BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF WITH CARD Select AXE products).

AXE products for teens

Here's what I bought:

Axe Phoenix 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner- perfect for on-the-go (like summertime travel) and it has a fresh scent plus an invigorating feel. My son says his hair feels softer after using this and easier to style.

AXE Phoenix Deodorant Stick- I made sure to really stock up on these because my son can keep them in his gym bag, locker at school, toiletries bag and bathroom. This deodorant goes on smoothly and provides all day freshness and odor protection. My favorite part is that it's strong enough to ensure 24-hour protection.

AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade- One of my teen's favorite things right now is his hair. He is constantly styling it. This pomade makes it is easy for him to get medium hold along with a finishing shine.


AXE Apollo Deodorant Wipes 25 ct.- This is my favorite product, especially for teen boys. These deodorant wipes help wipe away odor for a refreshed feeling anytime, anywhere. They are perfect to pack in carry on bags for summer travel.


  • New toiletry bag- Once I finished shopping I took everything and put it all into a new travel toiletry bag. My son is heading to Europe this summer, and now I can be sure he at least has the tools he needs to feel clean. When planning summer trips for teens, keep a toiletry bag with AXE products packed and ready so your teenager can grab it and go.


  • Make a copy of passport or other ID. I made a copy of my son's passport to keep at home. This is something I recommend all parents do, especially in case your teen travels without you.
  • Travel journal- Last thing I did was give my son a travel journal. This way we can work together on planning summer travel, plus he can also document his travels. Last year we took a mother/son trip to Amsterdam and that definitely didn't stink!


Even though traveling with kids will always be an adventure, now you at least can be armed with some tips so planning travel for teens no longer has to stink.

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