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Triplet Sleep | We Did It All Wrong

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Triplet sleep. We did it all wrong. I will admit this now.

And it was all my fault. I didn’t want them to cry or to think I was abandoning them. I didn’t want them to think we didn’t love them. I wanted to be a co-sleeping mom forever. And plus, we have cry pukers. Especially Jase. And I didn’t want to have to clean up vomit every night.

Mainly, This Is All About Me. Isn’t That The Way It Usually Goes? We Need Them More Than They Need Us.

Cry it Out

We used to have sleep fighters; babies that would sometimes take hours to get to sleep. They had to be rocked to sleep every.single.night. At one point, naps were pretty much a joke. I’d finally get the last one to sleep and the first baby would wake up. Fun.

Last summer we gave up on the rocking and put them (all 3 of them) in our bed to fall asleep. This worked. We still got to snuggle them without feeling like we were being punished by having to rock, and rock, and rock. They fell asleep quickly this way then we would oh so very quietly put them in their cribs for the night.

Then these babies turned into toddlers. Our king size bed was quickly feeling like a crowded elevator. You know that panicky, can’t breathe, I’m going to freak out if I don’t get out of here feeling?! That was me.

So, on June 1, 2015 (for the record), the hubs and I decided that it was time for a new routine. Summer was quickly approaching and we wanted to spend more time together as husband and wife instead of roommates that were raising triplets. We wanted to be able to sit out on the porch…alone. We wanted to be able to watch something on TV other than Let it Go (as my trio call it) or the mouse with the big ears and catchy theme song.

Sleep Training Triplets

So That’s What We Did. Cold Turkey. Cry It Out. And It Worked!

The first night the girls cried for 45 minutes (mommy cried too), but Jase went right to sleep. The second and third night the cried a little less. And much to my surprise no puke! By night 27 they still pout a bit, but willing walk to their cribs.

Last night it happened, though, Miss Sadie, our diva/drama queen/crybaby from the start vomited from crying too hard. In her defense, we did change up the routine a bit. But mommy quickly came to the rescue and all was good within minutes.

For almost a month we have spent a glorious 2 hours or so every night watching TV (OMG Orange is the New Black is my new obsession) or swinging out on the front porch, or just vegging out on our phones without being interrupted by Henley (our resident phone guru).

This has been life changing for us. As you can imagine, triplets can put a strain on a marriage. Slowly, but surely we are reconnecting, we are talking more and arguing less, we are loving life with triplets again.

Triplet sleep. We did it all wrong. I will admit this now.

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