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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Treating Yourself Once Your Child Has Left Home

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Moms have to sacrifice a lot when they have a child. If money is tight you'll find yourself doing without more often than not. There is always something your little one will need. It won't last forever because they'll eventually grow up.

Once your child doesn't rely on you anymore it's time to treat yourself. Start putting a small amount away every month when they're born. When they're older you should have a lot waiting for you. Here are a few things you can do with it.

Turn a Spare Room Into a Yoga Studio

Have you ever thought about getting liposuction? It's the quickest way to change how you look, but you can do it without a cosmetic procedure too. If you enjoy yoga turn an empty room into a lovely studio.

You only really need wooden floors and mirrors to create a look you'd normally see in a health club. When your child is growing up you don't get lots of time to exercise and now you can dedicate yourself to it at home.

It's Not Expensive to Own a Sauna

If you spend hours in the sauna when you visit a spa, you'll definitely love having one in your own home. Once you start looking around you will realize they're not too expensive to install.

It's also pretty cheap to keep them running every month. The only problem is whether or not you'll have enough space for one. When you finally relax in your home sauna all those years of stress will suddenly fade away.

Disappear on the Trip of a Lifetime


There are certain places around the world you probably want to visit. When your child is young you usually don't have enough money to go, plus there are destinations better suited to their needs.

When your child leaves home you only need to care about your needs, at least for a week or two. Visit somewhere so special it will take your breath away and the memories will last you a lifetime.

Spend Your Time Learning a New Hobby

Time is one thing you don't have enough of when you're raising a child. Even when they're older you turn into their personal chauffeur. Over the years I'm sure you've been desperate to learn a new hobby.

You will now have a lot of free time to master something you're passionate about. You'll know a lot of hobbies are quite expensive. For example, a good road bike will cost you thousands of dollars.

Hire an Excellent Personal Trainer

Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself when you go to the gym. Even if you're pumped you don't always get the results you want. You need motivation and knowledge if you're going to succeed.

Acquire them instantly by hiring an excellent personal trainer. Book a few sessions per week and you'll see results in no time. Ask around first to ensure you hire someone who knows what they're talking about.

Buy Yourself a Brand New Wardrobe


Most moms aren't known for the glamorous clothes they wear on a daily basis. It's the complete opposite before you have a child. You'll start to miss looking gorgeous every time you step outside.

If you're going to be focusing on fitness you'll need to buy yourself a brand new wardrobe. Spend a little extra and get clothes you absolutely adore. You'll feel a million times more confident when you're wearing them.

You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Treat Yourself

If you've been putting a fraction of your wages away over the years don't be afraid to spend it. You only live once and now is the time to enjoy yourself. Take your time and invest your money wisely.

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